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Ted Cruz: Democrats haven't "laid a glove on Amy Barrett"

Nor will they in this, the second day of the hearings into the confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. As if throwing in the towel, Democrats have used their time in the hearings not to plumb the depths of Barrett’s intelligence and commitment to the law, but as free campaign time to deliver a... Read more »

Trump true believers: 'We don't need no stinking independents'

The one thing the Republican convention clarified is that dissent is alive and well in the GOP and in America. And that’s a good and great thing. It’s  what the American system of governance was designed to accommodate. Without dissent we’ve got, well, Donald Trump’s true believers. People who have no tolerance for disagreement, who... Read more »

"How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote"

Donald Trump has a “clear path” to securing the Republican nomination for president, according to pundits. For those of us, dumbfounded for how this monstrous demagogue did it, here is an explanation from Paul Waldman in his column, “How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote.” Explaining why the iconic basketball coach and first-class idiot endorsed... Read more »

The Obama-Trump common denominator: Magical thinking

Heather Wilhelm’s op-ed column this morning in the Chicago Tribune made a forceful and on-target point about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s magical thinking. On Wednesday, Trump delivered a landmark “serious candidate” foreign policy speech from Washington, D.C. In the hours before the speech, the media collectively freaked out in anticipation, even though Trump’s own... Read more »

Buffoons on both sides of the transgender "bathroom wars"

Accusations and insults are flying over the latest battle in the culture wars: Whether transgender people can use the bathroom of their choosing, reflecting their self-identified gender. Many of those accusations score a bullseye on some social conservatives who are certain that it will lead to a wave of deadly sexual assaults in women’s bathrooms.... Read more »

The GOP "Establishment" bogeyman

Like the bogeyman hiding under a child’s bed, the Republican “establishment” is supposed to scare everyone, but it never seems to actually appear. See, like the bogeyman is used to frighten kids into good behavior, the accusations about the fearful Republican “establishment” is supposed to terrify voters into supporting “outsiders” like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz... Read more »

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president

At least that’s what this Washington Post article by Chris Cillizza (predicts?) (foretells?) (warns):  And, the delegate math is close to conclusive: Donald Trump will be extremely close to the 1,237 delegates he needs to formally claim the party’s nomination by the end of the primary process. That might be good or bad news, depending on your viewpoint.... Read more »

Hey 'outsiders,' blame yourselves for Washington gridlock

The sages tell us that the “outsider” candidates–Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders chief among them–are at or near the top of the presidential primary races because  Americans are demanding that “we elect someone who will get something done in Washington.” Well, maybe that’s why they are doing well in the polls and primaries,... Read more »

The 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory

It says a lot to say that the 2016 presidential race is the goofiest in my memory. My memory takes me back (vaguely) to 1948 when incumbent president Harry S Truman upset his Republican challenger and New York Governor Tom Dewey. Can anyone with a longer memory recall anything crazier? On the Republican side, we... Read more »

Why lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz' citizenship will fail

The lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz’ citizenship will fail because a federal court threw out a previous lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship because the plaintiff’s (“birthers”)  “lack standing.”  How ironic. Said the court regarding the Obama case, according to the LA Times: None of the dozens of so-called “birthers” who filed a federal lawsuit against Obama... Read more »
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