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Quinn's budget speech appears to skip budget

( Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune / February 16, 2011 ) That’s a great headline posted by the Illinois Statehouse News, one of the better on-line resources for the goofy doings in Springfield. Said the story: SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget speech on Wednesday offered an austerity of details unmatched by even the spartan spending plan for... Read more »

Illinois' financial sins--in exquisite detail

Jim Nowlan is an experienced hand at state government, having served in it and having observed it as a scholar. His commentary here is one of the best, clearly stated summaries of Illinois’ financial problems. It pessimistic about how the state can extract itself from this mess, but if nothing else, he’s realistic.  Read it... Read more »

The only issues in Illinois that matter

  Forget about gun control, energy, abortion, public safety and all the other issues that are cluttering up the Illinois gubernatorial race. The only things that matter in the race between Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Sen. Bill Brady are how to dig the state out of the biggest financial hole it has... Read more »

Bill Brady's tax sin

(This post contains a correction.) Uh, oh. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady reluctantly released his income tax returns and we now we know: He didn’t pay federal income tax in 2008 and 2009! Nor did he pay state income tax in 2008! Bill Brady: Tax hypocrite? This, we’re instructed, is bad news for Brady and... Read more »

Illinois' IOUs now $5.5 billion

More troubling news on the budget front. Illinois Controller Dan Hynes has issued a new report that Illinois is $5.5 billion behind in paying its bills, Among the creditors are social service agencies and universities. Thanks, Democrats for screwing the very folks you say you care about. 

Poll: File that lawsuit

A new Rasmussen poll finds that almost half of Americans want their states to file lawsuits against the new health care act.

11 states poised to file suit against health care act

If you thought the health care debate is over, go over and stand in the corner with the rest of the naive souls. Numerous stories are popping up, reporting that several states are thinking of filing lawsuits, challenging the constitutionality of the health care bill. Here’s one from the Christian Science Monitor. Be sure to... Read more »
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