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America's brutal introduction to unsettled science.

Is science certain that Earth is doomed? Climate change is “settled science,” but Covid vaccination science isn’t? Oh, so now we’re being instructed that the safety of the Covid vaccine is not “settled science.” Experts now are explaining that the all those recommendations and mandates about how to stop the pandemic are changing because the... Read more »

Unsettled global warming "science."

A flip-flop predicts worse or weaker monsoons. Monsoon clouds forming in Pradesh in central India. (Rajarshi MITRA¬†) Pick one: Climate change will worsen Indian monsoons, setting the stage for dangerous rains.¬†Climate change will weaken monsoons and reduce monsoon rainfall. These are contradictory conclusions of two “expert” studies about the impact of global warming. You can... Read more »

More "settled science"

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, center, arrives with his wife, Carmel, at the General Medical Council in central London on January 28, 2010. A major British medical journal, The Lancet, on Tuesday retracted a flawed 1998 study by Wakefield linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism and bowel disease. (AFP/Getty Images photo by Shaun Curry... Read more »