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What Pelosi left out of the freaky solemn march of impeachment articles to the Senate

Clearly something was missing in that goofy, somber march of Democrats carrying the impeachment articles to the Senate. In a risible attempt to lend dignity and gravity to a hocked-up stage-show, the cordon of long-faced Democrats filed through the roped-off  Capitol Rotunda instead created a lasting and laughable video of self-conscious performers fully aware of how ridiculous they appear.... Read more »

Blame Sen. Dick Durbin for congressional gridlock

With public approve of Congress at or near all-time lows because partisan politics has paralyzed the House and Senate, it is amazing how Illinois’ own Democratic senator, Dick Durbin, the second most powerful man in the Senate, has escaped any blame. Of course, he doesn’t deserve the entire blame, but as Senate Majority Leader Harry... Read more »

Dick Durbin, hack that he is, thought he could get away with this dirty trick...

but thanks to the blogosphere he won’t. Sen Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) tried to dump a $140 million Illinois white elephant, the Thomson Correctional Center, on federal taxpayers with a bizarre but revealing political trick: He’s holding up the reauthorization of an obscure federal agency that is designed to protect religious liberty around the globe. Until... Read more »

Hot stuff about Herman Cain and the Chicago Way

Was the emergence of the sexual harassment allegations against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain spawned by the Chicago Way? The rumors have been hot on the Internet for days, and I’ve basically ignored them. But the rumors are getting more specific and conservative commentator Ann Coulter seems to have put some of the loose ends... Read more »

Conservatives coming around to Mark Kirk

The view from inside the Beltway: By Jessica Brady, Roll Call Illinois Rep. Mark Steven Kirk hopes he is going to be part of a GOP trend in which moderate Republicans beat the odds in decidedly blue states. Based on the warm reception conservative party chairmen gave the GOP Senate candidate last week during the... Read more »

Common sense arrives at the New York Times

Can it be so? The New York Times goes after the Obama administration for trying to lag a Democratic senator in a tough re-election campaign taxpayer’s dough to help her out with special interests: Senator Blanche Lincoln, an Arkansas Democrat and chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has been seeking $1.5 billion in disaster relief... Read more »

Kirk apologizes

At last, GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk faced the press for a lengthy Q&A. Here is an early report of today’s press conference from Politico.

Sen. Roland Burris to go two months early? Hope so.

There’s good news for Illinois: we might be able to retire Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., two months earlier than expected. That doesn’t sound like much, but more important than removing Burris — former Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s controversial appointee to Barack Obama’s old Senate seat–is confirmation of an important principle: It is the voters’ business who... Read more »

Voters may be fed up with Congress' pork

Many earmarkers now tagged for ouster I’ll believe it when I see it. Yet, here comes the Washington Times with a story noting: When it comes to the congressional variety, members of the powerful appropriations committees are finding that holding the nation’s purse strings — and the power the positions afford in doling out pork-barrel... Read more »

Another dishonest pol: Blumenthal doesn't know the difference between serving in the Vietnam War and during the Vietnam War

It’s not a distinction that we Vietnam-era veterans easily mistake, especially when we didn’t get shipped to Vietnam.  Connecticut Attorney Richard Blumenthal General Richard Blumenthal, now running for senator, falsely said he served “in” Vietnam, but now says he “misspoke.” He now says he meant to say that he served “during” the Vietnam War. Sorry, Richie,... Read more »
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