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Keep the RTA; junk Metra, CTA and Pace service boards

Pardon me while I take a moment to guffaw at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley’s politically and transparently self-serving proposal to eliminate the Regional Transportation Authority. Same goes for Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s aspersions cast in the direction of the RTA in an effort to discredit the transit agency in the wake of the scandals... Read more »

Yet another transit favor for Speaker Madigan? Sheesh

House Speaker Michael Madigan doesn’t limit throwing around his clout to getting pay raises for pals in Metra and other state and local government agencies. Let’s not forget the even more lucrative practice of rounding up government contracts for pals. Here’s a fine piece of reporting by Bob Hergurth of the Better Government Association on... Read more »

We owe Metra's Alex Clifford for exposing Illinois' patronage innards

In 2011, when Alex Clifford was brought to Chicago from Los Angeles to fix Metra, the commuter rail operation, someone neglected to warn him about the way things are done here. Or if someone did, Clifford — an experienced transportation professional — didn’t pay attention or play along. Good for him. But for acting ethically,... Read more »

After more than three decades of dithering, a universal fare card for CTA, Metra and Pace riders?

When voters narrowly approved the creation of the Regional Transportation Authority 37 long years ago, one of the promised benefits was a universal fare card that could be used on the CTA, commuter rail lines and suburban buses. That wasn’t the main reason the RTA was created—it was to provide subsidies principally to the CTA—but... Read more »

Racial pandering on the CTA

Once again, the big, bad, white suburbs are victimizing poor, minority Chicagoans. That’s the underlying logic of a class action suit brought against the state, RTA and Metra by a public interest law firm that hasn’t a clue about the Pandora’s Box that it is opening. According to the suit, filed Wednesday in federal court,... Read more »