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Actually, pro-choice extremists also want to overturn Roe v. Wade

A Democratic Senate bill would remove every last popular abortion limitation to defend a life, something possible under Roe Sen. Richard Blumenthal, author of legislation to make abortion legal at any time for any reason The Texas abortion law that the Supreme Court has allowed to go into effect indeed represents an effort by unalloyed... Read more »

The Supreme Court will not "gut" Roe v. Wade

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court is considering another abortion case, the immoderate defenders of “the right to choose” are issuing their usual frightful warnings that have little or no basis in fact. Chief among them is the rock solid prediction that the Supreme Court will “gut” Roe v. Wade, its 1973 decision that was the first of... Read more »

Illinois liberals hope to gut Roe v. Wade

It is a betrayal of everything that liberals have stood for. Liberals themselves will be astonished to read this, but they only need to read Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, to  understand why the “Reproductive Health Act” (Introduced as HB2495 in the Illinois Legislature) would fatally wound the decision’s protections of the... Read more »

For all their dodging and weaving, Democrats revealed as the Party of Death

At least one pro-choice advocate, Virginia state Del. Kathy Tran was honest enough to admit that her proposed legislation would allow an abortion up to the moment of birth. Despite all the denials coming from pro-choice radicals and Democrats including Tran who tried to deny her meaning, here is a summary of what she said: House... Read more »

Pro-choice lie about the New York law that allows late-term abortions

Pro-choice champions are trying to persuade pro-life advocates that the new New York state Reproductive Health Act does not permit abortions for any reason at any time up to the moment of birth. For example, Heavy.com flatly denies that in an article:  No, the New York Abortion Law Does Not Allow ‘Any’ Late-Term Abortion: Read the Law Here As you... Read more »

America is not “solidly pro-choice”

The polls show it to be so, but NARAL Pro-Choice President Ilyse Hogue flies in the face of reality by dishonestly suggesting otherwise. On last week’s 41st anniversary of the Roe V. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions that together gave the green light to abortions on demand, Hogue came up with this deception: It’s... Read more »

40 years of Doe v Bolton, the ignored Supreme Court abortion case

Forty years ago Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided one of its most important cases: Doe v. Bolton. Never heard of it? Not surprising, but sad. That decision set the divisive tone of American political debate for the 20th century’s last quarter and probably far into this one. Upon it has rested the fate of... Read more »

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) once was pro-choice too

The Daily Beast writes about Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen with this headline: The GOP contender’s hard-core pro-life wife once dated an abortion provider. What follows is a 1,300-word article describing Karen’s live-in relationship in her 20s with anobstetrician who provided abortions. Now, we’re informed that she is “hard-core pro-life,” the implication being that she and, I... Read more »

The calamity of Roe v. Wade

Watching the TV show Private Practice last night, I saw a physician who performs abortions state that life doesn’t begin (i.e. a fetus is not a person) until is can survive independently outside the mother’s womb. At birth. Before then, it is not a life nor a person and therefore shall have no legal protection... Read more »

Test your abortion knowledge

This Friday, Jan. 22, marks the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion. There’s a lot of fighting about whether the decision should be overturned, but, sadly, a lot of people don’t know exactly what Roe says.  Do you? You can test your knowledge about Roe and its... Read more »