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Will she finally get justice for her son?

Seven years ago, David Koschman died a after brawl in which he was punched out by Richard J. Vanecko, a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley. No charges have been brought against Vanecko; the investigation has the earmarks of a cover-up. Now David’s mother, Nanci, has filed papers with Chief Cook County Criminal Courts Judge... Read more »

Starz' 'Boss' accurately portrays the Chicago Way

Some of my colleagues have observed that the excellent new Starz series “Boss” about a fictional Chicago mayor isn’t really real. And former Mayor Richard M. Daley said the show is not about him. In a pig’s eye. This show accurately captures that essence of what makes Chicago run, as Daley ran it. Jobs, contracts,... Read more »

Why O'Hare is America's most dangerous airport--and why it will get worse

And Midway is Number 12 A new study based on Federal Aviation Administration statistics shows that O’Hare International Airport is the nation’s most dangerous airport. The study is based on the number and potential severity near-collision between airplanes incidents at the airports.  (See the full methodology.) Travel and Leisure Magazine, which conducted the study, cited a... Read more »

Ald. Ed Burke: Simpleton on guns, abortion and gays

He blames former President George W. Bush’s advisor Karl Rove for making guns, abortion and gay rights into controversial issues. This bit of nonsense came during City Council debate on Mayor Richard M. Daley’s new gun regulations. A news flash for Burke: those were controversial before Rove came along Burke is widely credited with being... Read more »

Chicago: Baghdad on the Lake

That two Chicago lawmakers have asked Gov. Pat Quinn to activate the Illinois National Guard to stem violence in the city is making national and international news.  Some officials are appalled at the idea of military troops doing police work, saying that they’re not trained for it. Mayor Richard M. Daley reacted “cooly,” the Tribune reports, throwing... Read more »

Daley on Emanuel: "Everyone wants to be mayor."

UPDATE: Mayor Richard M. Daley said he doesn’t mind that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to be Chicago mayor. Everyone does, Daley said.  Well, not exactly everyone. And not everyone is in a position, like Emanuel with a national platform, to breathe down Daley’s neck. (My earlier post on Emanuel’s ploy is... Read more »

Mayor Ram Rahm

Watch your back, Richie. U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (left) talks with Mayor Richard Daley at a Chicago 2016 Olympic Rally. Tribune photo by Heather Stone / June 6, 2008 Emanuel says he’d like to be Chicago mayor one day – News headline. As Chicago’s courageous and beloved First Lady Maggie Daley helped unveil a new... Read more »

Suburban garbage lessons for Chicago

More and more suburbs are turning to private haulers to pick up their garbage, the Tribune reports. The private haulers, the towns believe, are more efficient and environmentally friendly. With fewer pick-ups, for example, the town reduces its carbon footprint. Makes sense. But not in Chicago. The city continues to be in the garbage hauling business,... Read more »

Racists oppose Turner for lt. gov.

Sen. Art Turner At least that’s how I look at it.  The Democratic State Central Committee is considering who should replace the drop-out candidate selected by the voters in the primary. Logic says it should be whoever ran second–Chicago Democratic state Sen. Art Turner. But some Democratic leaders want to nominate, for the sake of... Read more »

Take the )*$%&*)# CTA strike

Let ’em shut it down Believe me, it’s the only way to end this perpetual “doomsday” crap. Any public employee union threatening a strike now for any increased benefits is out of line with reality. When you get even Mayor Richard M. Daley pleading for the CTA unions to settle, you know they’ve gone too far.... Read more »
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