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A frightening glimpse of a future Biden administration

Reporter: ““Don’t the voters deserve to know where you stand on [packing the Supreme Court]?” Joe Biden: “No, they don’t deserve [to know]….” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had already given voters the middle finger by his non-answer to the question of whether he supports–as do so many of his party’s colleagues–turning the court over... Read more »

Illinois' regressive Reproductive Health Act eviscerates human rights

Progressives now on “the wrong side of history.” “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State.”–Illinois’ newly enacted Reproductive Health Act. Never, to my knowledge has a state passed a law denying a person any and all rights. America’s history is marked by a steady expansion of... Read more »

Fab, righteous and groovy! Recreational pot gets legal in Illinois!

Unalloyed joy overcame State Sen. Heather Steans (above left), Rep. Kelly Cassidy, Sen. Toi Hutchinson and Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth after the Illinois House approved the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Pending the almost certain signature of Gov. J.P. Pritzker, the loathsome and hateful conservative cultural agenda has  been struck down once again. As libertarian Tribune columnist Steve Chapman proclaims, the direction... Read more »

Progressives map out a further move left

The Democrat Party, at war with itself, needs to move further left, according to “Democratic Autopsy” by the far-left Nation magazine. Here’s its analysis: Corporate Power: The party continues to bend to big corporate donors. “For the Democratic Party, a crucial disconnect remains between rhetoric about corporate influence and subservience to it.” Race: The party hasn’t played... Read more »

Liberals illegally flooding across the Canadian border

I wish that when parodies like this show up in my mailbox that the author’s name is included. Unfortunately it isn’t with this one, but it’s too good not to post. If you happen to know the author, let me know.  The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified, sparking calls... Read more »

Let's hear it for social conservatives

Social conservatives have become the third rail of American politics. Most of the candidates for president in this election cycle have not just shied away from traditional social conservative issues, but have run from them as if they were the plague. As Heather Wilhelm astutely observes in a Chicago Tribune op-ed Here in America, as... Read more »

Thank Obama, progressives for Donald Trump

Gee, Mr. President, thanks for giving us Donald Trump. Thanks also go to the legions of progressives whose radical, left-wing falderal and politically correct demands have brought out the worst in Americans. That would be Donald Trump. Is there anyone alive who can remember when the collective American intelligence has been so thoroughly assaulted by... Read more »

Anti-science progressives outted by Ebola

The Ebola outbreak reminds me of a dark time in American history when a politically inspired, “anti-science” rash broke out and infected the nation. It was during the 1980s and 1990s when the nation’s public health establishment was struggling to halt the catastrophic spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. I say “anti-science” because... Read more »

"Progressives" deny jobs to South Side blacks

If there’s ever an illustration of how “progressive” elites and organized labor are keeping the very people they supposedly care about locked up on the plantation, it’s their consuming opposition to a new Wal-Mart store on the South Side. The impoverished, unemployed, blacks, seniors, teens–they’re all getting a good frigging by the organized campaign by... Read more »