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Dick Durbin, Illinois' staunch pro-life senator

Does it surprise you that Democrat Richard Durbin, Illinois’ senior senator, was once adamantly pro life? That’s when he was running as a representative from a Downstate Illinois district, and before he ran for the Senate, where a switch to pro-choice position made him more electable. To suggest that Durbin bends with the wind to... Read more »

55 million dead Americans; do they matter?

America is missing at least 55 million people–that’s the estimated number of abortions performed in the United States since this historic Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. They will be remembered on Sunday at the  “March for Life Chicago” that this year marks the... Read more »

Would Barack Obama have convicted Kermit Gosnell of murder?

When a Philadelphia jury convicted Dr. Kermit Gosnell of three counts of murder for killing three infants born alive after attempted abortions, the question jumped into my mind: Would Barack Obama have voted to convict Gosnell if the president had been on the jury. It’s a highly speculative question to which we’ll never get an... Read more »

Despite icky Republicans, Susan Crown sticks with Mitt Romney

Susan Crown might be the most influential woman in Chicago. She’s a businesswoman,  philanthropist and a visible supporter of President Barack Obama in the last election. She also is firmly pro-choice, the exact kind of woman that the Obama campaign insists are in their camp and that will get him re-elected. Except that she supports Republican... Read more »

Tammy Duckworth--the candidate of out-of-state, left-wing special interests

The headlines yesterday were about how Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic challenger, out raised  GOP incumbent Joe Walsh. As if that “right wing wing nut” Walsh were in big trouble because Duckworth is the sane, moderate one. This story, for example, refers to Walsh , as a “controversial tea party-backed freshman,”  but fails to characterize Duckworth... Read more »

Pro-Choice Activist Gets Prison for Sending Pro-Lifers Death Threats

Death threats don’t always come from the right, as this article in LifeNews.com points out. Father Frank Pavone , director of Priests for Life, made this observation: Pavone added, “From the point of view of my work as a pro-life leader, I also take this opportunity to point out that violence and threats of violence... Read more »

Is a fetus a parasite?

Some folks got their noses out of joint when I wrote about the debate in my Chicago Tribune op-ed column. (View it here. And be sure to read the comments posted below the column to get the flavor of the wrath that I incurred.) What do you think? poll by twiigs.com

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) once was pro-choice too

The Daily Beast writes about Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen with this headline: The GOP contender’s hard-core pro-life wife once dated an abortion provider. What follows is a 1,300-word article describing Karen’s live-in relationship in her 20s with anobstetrician who provided abortions. Now, we’re informed that she is “hard-core pro-life,” the implication being that she and, I... Read more »

At last, Illinois supreme court agrees to hear arguments in long-stymied parental notification law

Sixteen years ago, the Illinois Legislature enacted a law requiring a parent or guardian to be notified 48 hours before a child under 18 has an abortion. This reasonable requirement still hasn’t been enforced because pro-choice radicals like the American Civil Liberties Union have for years tied the law up in the courts, defying the... Read more »

Abortion compromise on 'informed consent'?

One of the many contentious issues in the abortion debate is whether women planning the procedure should be “fully informed” of the risks. Pro-lifers think they should; pro-choicers think they shouldn’t. Or at least the government shouldn’t prescribe what doctors must say to patients. Who can argue against patients having a chance to give their... Read more »