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Today's joke: The New York Times lopsided "fact checking" of the presidential debate

At the outset, I  agree that President Donald Trump is a carload of mis- and dis-information, some of it intentional and others arising from ignorance. So when the New York Times comes along and fact checks Trump’s statements made during the Thursday night debate, I won’t contest each and every one. But this is where it... Read more »

Why so little about foreign policy in the presidential debate?

Maybe I dozed off during the presidential debate’s deep dive into foreign policy (highly unlikely during the nasty interruptions). The nearly total absence of a discussion about some of the most important issues facing the United States was a serious disappointment for me. For me, the question is whether America will retreat behind literal and figurative... Read more »

Presidential debate cancels blind dates

At least that’s what should happen, according to “Relationship coach and professional New York City and Long Island Matchmaker extraordinaire” Maureen Tara Nelson. In a press release arriving this morning, Nelson said The night of the first 2020 Presidential Debate would be worse for a new relationship than when Mercury is in retrograde. Emotions will... Read more »

If Trump keeps talking like this he'll lose the debate and the election

Is President Donald Trump stupid? Why would he stumble over a White House press conference question about the transfer of presidential power? The AP reported: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Wednesday again declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the Nov. 3 presidential election. “We’re going to have... Read more »

The post-debate analysis was lamer (and funnier) than the Clinton-Trump face-off itself

I looked forward to the post-debate analysis more than the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump itself. The post-debate debate was more entertaining, funnier and goofier than the main event between the perfect narcissist Donald Trump and the compulsive liar and consummate crook Hillary Clinton. Entertaining, funny and goofy because the partisan punditry virtually... Read more »

Those stupid, greedy presidential debates

Tonight is another circus–the Republican presidential debate–that has become a commercialized, goofy showcase for that most goofy of candidates, Donald Trump. For a intelligent analysis of what’s wrong with networks making big money off the debates, I recommend Jim Warren’s insightful “America’s weird way of picking a leader.” on Poynter’s Morning Media Wire. Disclosure: Jim... Read more »

'I get along with everyone'--Donald Trump

Donald Trump says his strength is found in the assertions that ‘I get along with everyone.’ Seriously? This was his ironic and dumbfounding answer to a question in the  “debate” between Republican presidential candidates. The question was: What would you do right now about Russian and Vladimir Putin’s move into Syria? Can you name anyone... Read more »

Da Bears or the presidential debate?

Or, as my daughter Kati, called the possible choice: Da Bate. That’s a tough choice for Chicago Bears fans who are political junkies. Watch one live and record the other? poll by twiigs.com

Candy Crowley botched her moderator's job in the Obama/Romney debate

Presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley not only improperly injected her opinion into the Barack Obama/Mitt Romney face-off last night, but she had her facts wrong. The discussion was about the Obama administration’s failure to publicly acknowledge in a timely manner  that the attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that left four Americans dead on Sept. 11... Read more »

Can Obama recover tonight from Biden's debate flop?

Tonight President Barack Obama will try to repair the damage from the last debate. No, not just the first one, the one he sleepwalked through against Republican Mitt Romney. I also mean the vice presidential debate between Republican Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden. The one in which Biden gave independent, swing voters a... Read more »
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