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The Olympics are boring

As is B.O.R.I.N.G. Tedious. Vapid. Insipid. If you love athletics, the competition and joy of winning, you’ll have to set your recording so that you can skip the endless and cliche-packed commentary, interviews, commercials and hype to see your favorite sport. If NBC’s broadcast is anything like previous years, it will be an even greater orgy... Read more »

Why the GOP suspended presidential debates on NBC

Here’s the complete explanation from  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus for why the GOP suspended presidential debates on NBC. Sounds to me that he has good reasons after the unprofessional and daffy questions that the CNBC panel put to the Republican presidential candidates during this week’s debate. For example: CNBC billed the debate as one... Read more »

NBC News must fire anchor Brian Williams for 'misremembering'

Because he lied and because he trashed the profession of journalism–my profession–NBC News must fire anchor Brian Williams for “misremembering” his near-death experience in Iraq. By now, Williams is a national laughing stock for falsely recollecting that he was aboard a helicopter that was nearly shot down in Iraq years ago. He assertion that he... Read more »

NBC's Brian Williams' stunning ignorance about Catholics, evolution and the Big Bang

NBC News anchor Brian Williams turns himself into an idiot when he tries to tell his viewers that Pope Francis said something new and different about creation, evolution and the Big Bang. He reported that the pope made “a surprising theological statement” when he said the church is open to the theories of evolution and the Big... Read more »

NBC asks: Did Dick Cheney really deserve that heart?

You knew that someone would ask that question, and NBC did. Even though he waited longer than the typical recipient. I guess we now can judge who “deserves” a transplanted organ by their political views. Can’t wait until ObamaCare when bureaucrats will make that decision. Here’s a comment on it from TownHall.com.

Great Scott! Dunder Mifflin Morphs Into Real-Life Brand of Copy Paper

That’s the clever headline on a Wall Street Journal story about how paper products sold by the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company in the popular TV sitcom “The Office” now will actually be sold in Staples’ Quill.com. Might it start a trend? A Peter Florrick from the “Good Wife” to run for Cook County state’s attorney?... Read more »

Boo hoo, Conan

In better times Truth is, Conan O’Brien just isn’t good enough. Honestly, I tried to stomach his sophomoric humor when he took over the Tonight Show, but gave it up as hopeless. O’Brien’s supporters seek to portray him as hip and sophisticated, and that the folks who prefer Leno as uncool. I spotted this illustrative... Read more »
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