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President Trump, please veto the monstrous COVID-19 spending bill

Say taxpayer, can you spare another $2.3-trillion? That’s the cost of the $900 billion COVID-19 emergency relief bill and the $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill that Congress has sent to President Donald Trump for his signature. He should veto this horrific nightmare, even though it passed the Senate and House by veto-proof votes. The  overwhelming majority... Read more »


That’s the nation debt, in case you’re wondering. That’s more than $20 trillion. It’s not a static number either; the second-by-second increase would make your head spin. See the wheels whirl round and round here at the U.S. National Debt Clock in Real Time. There you’ll also find other interesting numbers such as Gross Debt to... Read more »

Why I've stopped worrying about the federal deficit and debt

Because the younger generation has, in effect, told me that they don’t care about how much federal debt we load on them. In Nevada, they flocked to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate who promises Americans free this and free that but who has no realistic way to pay for it. Even taxing the filthy... Read more »

Tony Robbins explains the horrific Barack Obama budget

  Fans of motivational speaker Tony Robbins–and there are millions–should enjoy watching him explain the dangers of our national debt. Conclusion: Eating the rich won’t solve the problem.

Eric Zorn and I face off on the exploding federal debt bubble

Another in a series of debates between Chicago Tribune columnists Dennis Byrne and Eric Zorn. Resolved: What should be cut from the federal budget to reduce the debt? From Dennis, to Eric: We’ve lived through the devastating bursts of the housing and dot.com bubbles. Now, welcome to the debt bubble burst, the wrenching end of... Read more »

Obama's borrowing tops World War Two's

Writes the Weekly Standard: President Obama repeatedly insists that the debt ceiling must be raised by at least $2.4 trillion. Why this particular amount, rather than, say, an even $1 trillion or $2 trillion? Because $2.4 trillion is Obama’s estimate for what it would take to get him through the next election without needing to deal... Read more »

Taking a hatchet to moderate government

Go ahead, attack promoters of moderate government. Paint them as flakes, kooks and goons. Call them unhinged and unglued. Toxic, mean-spirited, shrill and dangerous. Nothing would please us more than your persisting in mislabeling or misunderstanding — the effect is the same — what angers the majority of Americans. Convince yourself that dissenters to your... Read more »

Financial insolvency: What, me worry?

National debt, which was 120% of GDP in World War II, could reach 400% We’ve learned nothing from the recession. The American economy turned wretched because we borrowed too much. So, here we’re doing it again. And again. And again. In Chicago, Mayor Richard M. Daley is prematurely dipping into billions made from selling taxpayer-owned... Read more »

If George Bush had...

Reading Charles Krauthammer’s excellent column this morning in the Tribune in which he criticizes the Obama administration for still blaming everything on former President George W. Bush, reminded me of something that has been circulating on the Internet for some time. It’s worth revisiting: Obama bows to Saudi King If George W. Bush had been... Read more »

This is the worst generation

Certainly, they would never call themselves that. As the title of a 2007 book written by a Baby Boomer brazenly proclaims, they’re “The Greater Generation.” I suppose the Boomer author can be excused for his excess of self-satisfaction, because Boomers are so loaded with smugness that it’s oozing out their ears. But surely someone who... Read more »