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UPDATE: Madigan's not gone, not by a long shot

UPDATE: He resigns as state party chairman. His appointment to replace him in the General Assembly steps aside. Resigns his house seat, but still runs the Illinois Democratic Party Former House Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation as a Southwest Side legislator is a surprise, but perhaps not as consequential as some might have first imagined. He remains chairman... Read more »

Mike Madigan's under a cloud, but trial lawyers keep shoveling money his way

Hey everyone’s innocent until found guilty, right? House Speaker Michael Madigan hasn’t been charged with anything and he maintains his innocence, right? Even though he showed up in an indictment as official  “A” in the ComEd bribery scandal. As the Cook County Record explains: Federal prosecutors have placed powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan at... Read more »

Oh, so NOW Democrats want Madigan to resign

No profiles in courage among the Democrats who waited until House Speaker Michael Madigan looks like he’s been mortally wounded by the federal prosecutor before they called for Iron Mike to resign. Never mind that they could remove him themselves. The speaker is elected and they could join Republicans in a no-confidence vote. But you... Read more »

Mike Madigan's laughable video

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan wasn’t satisfied with just crushing his Republican opponents in the election. He took the unusual and mysterious step of making a video aired on Illinois commercial TV stations informing everyone how nasty the GOP is and that, “In the fights that lie ahead, Democrats are on your side.” What fights? Iron... Read more »

Why the Illinois GOP got shellacked

To borrow from former President Barack Obama, who once said his own party got shellacked by Republicans, Illinois Democrats ripped the faltering Illinois Republican Party a new one in Tuesday’s midterm elections. How did that happen? Blame the Republicans themselves for their ineptitude. Illinois GOP leaders need to find themselves some new political advisors; the ones now... Read more »

Illinois redistricting gets unexpected support from Obama. Pay attention Mike Madigan

Well, I’m reaching.  Obama didn’t specifically mention the politically perverted redistricting that goes on in Illinois. But Obama’s plea for redistricting reform applies to Illinois. In spades. Here’s the background: House Speaker Mike Madigan and his Democrat lamb chops have been in charge of redrawing legislative and congressional districts in Illinois for decades. No surprise, the... Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court's possible challenge to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Illinoisans should pay attention to how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a case challenging how Wisconsin Republicans gerrymandered legislative districts in their favor. While it would be a setback for Wisconsin Republicans it could also be a setback for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democrats who have benefited from his gerrymandering of... Read more »

The other Madigan--Shirley--whose time should be up

Lisa Madigan has been Illinois attorney general for 15 years. Her father has been Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan for 34 years. It’s time for both of them to go. But there’s another Madigan who has “served” longer. Mike’s wife, Shirley, has been on the Illinois Arts Council since 1976 and has served as, its... Read more »

Another scandal: Illinois budget does nothing about biggest problem--pension debt

Funny how so many people are glossing over this scandal: The budget that was crammed through by House Speaker Michael Madigan does absolutely nothing about the outrageous public employee pension debt. All the hosannas about how Illinois finally got a budget after three years are either a sign of willful ignorance or intentional deception. Most... Read more »

The next big Illinois tax increase is waiting in the wings

After the big Illinois income tax increase engineered by House Speaker Mike Madigan, the question that immediately follows is: When will they be back for another tax increase? Because everyone, I mean everyone except the most partisan among us, knows that the 32 percent tax increase won’t be anywhere near enough to solve Illinois budget crisis. The... Read more »
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