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The unseen plague created by coronavirus isolation

Epidemiologists have a slew of tools to judge the damage that the coronavirus and the disease it causes–COVID-19–does to public health. But other significant consequences must be included to describe the total damage the pandemic  is causing–factors beyond the number of deaths, ICU admissions and such. Among them is the damage caused by the gloom that mandated... Read more »

Should Donald Trump be committed?

The question, posed by some academics weeks ago, lingers as President Donald Trump keeps adding more and more evidence that he might be a tad tetched in the head. The latest came when he appeared at a campaign rally to support embattled Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and proclaimed: You’ve got to vote,” Trump told the crowd... Read more »

Trump's election is good for mental health therapists' business

The Seattle Times reports: With the constant bombardment of information coming out of the Trump administration, local mental-health experts say a hefty number of their existing clients — and as many as 80 percent of potential new clients — are seeking help for postelection distress.  Story doesn’t say whether Barack Obama’s election sent similar numbers... Read more »

In my childhood, there were no mass killings.

I am an old man and the older I get the less I understand. I can’t understand how anyone can look into the face of a 6-year-old and fire round after round into that child, as the deranged gunman did Friday in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Wisdom is supposed to come with age; now, after... Read more »