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Have the Chicago media gone soft?

I wasn’t aware that the Chicago media were allowing Mayor Lori Lightfoot to skate through her press conferences in the mode of President Joe Biden’s campaign. Only one reporter, I am told, is allowed to attend in person to her press conferences. It’s a “pool” reporter who relays questions from remote reporters. I can’t say... Read more »

Do Biden or Pritzker give a flying fig about the children?

No. If they did, they would use their authority and bully pulpit to get the Chicago teachers back in the classroom. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has the power to order Illinoisans to “shelter” in their h0mes, to ruin businesses and to padlock the schools. He’s a Democrat, the same party as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, yet... Read more »

Are begging or empty threats enough to get Chicago teachers to return to school?

We shall see. In the meantime, the Chicago Teachers Union continues abusing children Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a sometimes emotional press conference Thursday morning said the ball is in the court of the Chicago Teachers Union if an agreement is to be reached got re-open the city’s schools. I think the ball is in her... Read more »

CTU prez Sharkey will "manage" Mayor Lightfoot

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey figures that the union should or can “manage” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. But that’s how Sharkey thinks  the union can handle the mayor, as if she were his employe, underling or subordinate. The balls on that guy. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Sharkey made this... Read more »

Mayor Lightfoot, drop the hammer on the Chicago Teachers Union

CTU isn’t just keeping kids out of school; it’s spreading misinformation about the dangers of classroom learning Monday will tell the tale of whether Chicago public school teachers care as much about their students as the leaders of the CTU claim. That’s when the Chicago Public Schools has ordered 15,000 teachers to return to their classrooms... Read more »

Mayor Lightfoot is THINKING about cutting workers

She should have been thinking about trimming the city workforce six months ago. No, actually she should have been cutting city workers six months ago. That sounds harsh, but consider, so many government workers have been getting full pay for months, while private sector workers have been laid off, suffered from reduced hours and generally have... Read more »

Anarchy clobbers Chicago. Had enough yet?

Had enough yet of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her let-’em-loose corruption of the criminal justice system that has signaled that crime has no consequences? Had enough yet of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans’ complicity in fashionable lunacy that would empty the jails? Had enough yet of the defund-the-police craziness? And of the blindness of left-wing... Read more »

How woke children get their way in Chicago: Throw a tantrum

Show up with a mob, throw stuff that injures cops, intimidate the mayor by sending a crowd to harass her and her neighbors in their homes. Threaten, threaten, threaten. Dance around like kids at a wedding reception, singing “Fuck CPD” to the tune of YMCA to celebrate the news that Mayor Lori Lightfoot has caved into the... Read more »

I actually saw some people smiling

They were people who were relaxing in the ocean-front Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida. Children romping in the surf. Couples walking. Sunbathers. Readers, like myself, under umbrellas. Following social distancing guidelines. Smiling, because they were enjoying their freedom, because they were doing what they are forbidden to do elsewhere. Doing exactly what the autocratic Chicago Mayor... Read more »

O'Hare Airport expansion headed for a crash landing

Even though the airline industry is heading for a crash landing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of Chicago, with typical aplomb promises that the $8.7 billion Taj Mahal O’Hare Expansion project is taking off as scheduled. Apparently not noticing that United and American airlines–the duopoly that runs O’Hare–and other airlines are losing tens of millions... Read more »