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Pritzker broke the law, but no big deal, right?

Gov. J. B. Pritzker has been sued for illegally ordering Illinoisans to cower at home. As I reported Wednesday, “Illinois Gov. Pritzker had no legal authority to lockdown businesses beyond April 9,” citing research by Northbrook attorney Michael Ciesla.  The illegal action prompted GOP Illinois Sen. Darren Bailey of downstate Xenia to file a lawsuit,... Read more »

Building the Obama Center in Jackson Park is bad public policy

We have to say it again. Protect our Parks and other opponents of the Obama Center’s land grab in historical Jackson Pamark are not against the center. Rather, they believe that building it in Jackson Park is not just illegal, but bad public policy. It ought to go elsewhere; there is no shortage of better sits.... Read more »

Why lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz' citizenship will fail

The lawsuit challenging Ted Cruz’ citizenship will fail because a federal court threw out a previous lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship because the plaintiff’s (“birthers”)  “lack standing.”  How ironic. Said the court regarding the Obama case, according to the LA Times: None of the dozens of so-called “birthers” who filed a federal lawsuit against Obama... Read more »

Here's where in Chicago to stick the monstrous George Lucas museum

No, not “where the sun don’t shine.” But close. That big hole where the monstrous Spire was going to go. Just west of Lake Shore Dr. at the Chicago River. There’s been a big hole there for years, but dreams for building a mega-high, twisted skyscraper have fallen through because of funding problems. As in,... Read more »

An Illinois supreme court slap down for Chicago teachers

After two years of battling, the Illinois Supreme Court has sided with Chicago Public Schools. According to the Tribune: In a 5-2 ruling issued this morning, the court said the Illinois School Code does not give laid-off tenured teachers a right to be rehired nor the right to call for certain procedures during the layoff... Read more »

Arizona, immigration and flawed ACLU lawsuit

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union was quick out of the gate with a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law.  Unfortunately, one of the plaintiffs raises a red herring in the suit, according to the Times: Ten individual plaintiffs have joined with the groups in suing. They range from two Jane Doe plaintiffs... Read more »

Poll: File that lawsuit

A new Rasmussen poll finds that almost half of Americans want their states to file lawsuits against the new health care act.

Racial pandering on the CTA

Once again, the big, bad, white suburbs are victimizing poor, minority Chicagoans. That’s the underlying logic of a class action suit brought against the state, RTA and Metra by a public interest law firm that hasn’t a clue about the Pandora’s Box that it is opening. According to the suit, filed Wednesday in federal court,... Read more »

Anti-O'Hare uprising in Park Ridge?

When government does something that lowers your property values, can you seek compensation? O’Hare’s new northern runway (top) sends air traffic directly east, over parts on Park Ridge. That’s an interesting question being raised in Park Ridge, Ill. by residents who have seen their home values fall because of the city’s decision to cave in... Read more »
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