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It's official: Today's "journalists" have denounced objectivity.

A portrait of editors and reporters meeting inside today’s newsrooms where the truth is dispensed. A breath-taking, blunt and authoritative declaration that objectivity is “outdated.” “Truth” is now the golden rule. Objectivity: The lack of favoritism toward one side or another : freedom from bias — Meriram-Webster Even if you are a minority of one, the truth... Read more »

CNN and other jerks irresponsibility twist Sen. Johnson's mouthwash coronavirus statement.

Sen. Ron Johnson (C-Span) The death of journalism, again. How many times can journalism die? Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was recorded recommending steps everyone should take to stay healthy during the pandemic, including using mouthwash that can kill the coronavirus. CNN and other anti-journalists jumped all over him, accusing him of claiming, if not by... Read more »

It's OK, Mayor Lightfoot, I don't interview blacks anyway.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t seem to understand what’s wrong with her decision to do one-on-one interviews only with black or brown journalists on the second anniversary of her inauguration. She said it’s a valid way of exposing the implied racism of Chicago media because black and brown journalists are disproportionately represented in the City Hall... Read more »

Another example of NY Times biased reporting--as if we need one

This one, of many examples, is byAnnie Karni and Maggie Haberman writing, “Trump, with his baseless attacks on Joe Biden’s mental status, may have set a trap for himself in the first debate.” [Emphasis added.] They wrote, The misleading notion that Biden is too addled for the presidency has been driven by Trump since 2018, when... Read more »

The demise of the profession formerly known as journalism

“We’re tired of being told to show both sides of issues there are no two sides of.” Never in my four decades as a journalist did I expect to hear reporters say that they’re tired of being told by their editors that they must report both sides of a story. Yet, this is what we’ve... Read more »

Advice to journalists about how to cover the coronavirus pandemic

This is from Journalist’s Resource, a tip sheet on how to cover the news. Its “Epidemiological models: 10 things journalists covering coronavirus research should know” advises ten things that journalists should tell their readers when trying to explain how those models and scientific studies work. For those who wonder about the legitimacy of the studies and... Read more »

Journalists, aren't you tired of being used?

The number of news stories that are from unnamed “sources” has become a plague on the journalism profession, and on the nation. When will journalists start telling these “sources” that they won’t run the story without identifying the “sources?” When will journalists come to the realization that they’re being used by “sources” for their own... Read more »

Trey Gowdy asks questions about Benghazi that reporters can't answer

Reporters sat mute as Rep. Trey Gowdy asked them questions about Benghazi that reporters can’t answer. Reporters normally don’t respond to questions posed by a person who calls a press conference, and this time they didn’t either. As a long-time Chicago newspaper reporter, I probably would have not answered the questions either; that’s not normal... Read more »

Maybe the media should shut up about Ferguson

After all, so many in the media have been telling everyone else to shut up. And perhaps they should. There’s always an “activist,” “law enforcement official,” “commentator,” “social scientist” and an endless array of “experts” yet to be interviewed. Good God, this could go on forever. But who’s giving voice to all the these provocateurs,... Read more »

Are the local Patch newspapers headed for the trash heap?

A number of Chicago suburbs are severed by the Patch, ambitious effort to provide local news via the Internet and a bold experiment by AOL. Might the experiment have failed? Here’s an analysis by Forbes: It’s said that success has many fathers while failure is an orphan. Yet AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, although prepared to put... Read more »
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