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"Perhaps the best thing about Kass leaving the Tribune is that Chicago currently has no conservative newspaper columnist."

The narrow-minded, anti-democratic left speaks John Greenfield, the transportation writer for the Reader, exults that Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is taking the buyout offer from the new owners because, among other reasons, it leaves Chicago with “no conservative newspaper columnist.” Earlier today, I wrote that it’s not a good thing to shut out one... Read more »

No more local conservative columnists at Chicago's two daily newspapers?

John Kass was the last. Why is that? Update: Check out a newspaper columnist here who believes no conservative Chicago newspaper columnist is a great thing. My appologies if I’ve overlooked a conservative columnist remaining at the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times. When John Kass took the buy-out from the Alden, the Tribune’s new... Read more »

In defense of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass

Someone named John Greenfield wrote an opinion piece in the Chicago Reader calling on the Chicago Tribune to fire columnist John Kass. Greenfield accuses Kass of dodging his own responsibility for inciting the crowd that stormed the Capitol. Apparently Kass’ blaming Trump wasn’t enough because Original Sin turns out to be more than eating a... Read more »

"Crazy Mob Calls Chicago Writer A Racist For Criticizing A Jew"

My article in The Federalist defending Chicago Tribune Columnist John Kass. When conservative Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass was hit with baseless attacks from the leftist cancel mob, he didn’t cower — he pushed back and won. After extinguishing reason and fairness at The New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the cancel cultural enforcers in... Read more »

Time to cancel the Chicago Tribune Guild's executive board?

That’s the board of the union representing Chicago Tribune workers that gave a whole new meaning to “solidarity.” Turning from the traditional role of rattling management’s cage, the Chicago Tribune Guild’s leadership turned on a fellow employee, the Tribune’s lead columnist John Kass. In a widely circulated letter, the executive board accused Kass of writing a column... Read more »

Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko

My initial post defending John Kass against the Chicago Tribune Guild’s bush league attack on him is here. After being attacked by the left-wing, cancel cops on the staff of the Chicago Tribune, columnist John Kass didn’t fold. He didn’t go along–like so many Republican politicians–and suck it up, afraid to hand out a well-deserved... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Guild's attack on co-worker John Kass is bush league

Update: Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko. Unprofessional, amateurish, unfair and utter bullshit. I would add. Media columnist Robert Feder explained the attack in, “Tribune colleagues blast John Kass column as ‘antithetical to our values’.”  Kass’ sin apparently was writing about how billionaire George Soros funds liberal causes and big-city candidates like Cook... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel for president?

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has another great column, this one urging former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to get into the race for the Democratic nomination for president. I think he should. He’d be a walk-in. Rahm would save the Democrat Party from Joe Biden and the progressive candidates who are up there floating on cloud... Read more »

Rep. Gutierrez' rigged succession: it's the Chicago Way

“[There is] no quid pro quo,” — Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ denial that there was a secret, backroom deal behind his sudden, surprising retirement from  his congressional seat and endorsement of Jesus “Chuy” Garcia as his successor. Oh, sure. That’ll rank right up there in Chicago political lore with the late Mayor Richard J. Daley’s famously absurd assertion that, “There... Read more »

My turn to be a Chicago media critic

And why not? My experience as a Chicago journalist is long and varied. It dates back to 1965 when I was hired by the late lamented Chicago Daily News, starting out on the midnight shift (before women were allowed) writing about  crime. There I also was the urban affairs reporter and assistant financial editor. When the... Read more »