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Biden eschews ice cream cone; dodges Chicago bullets

Gang violence? What gang violence? This is what Biden ignored: Nathan Wallace sheds tears as he holds onto daughter Ashanti on July 1, 2021, as they visit his daughter Natalia’s grave at Glen Oaks Cemetery in Hillside. Natalia “Natalie” Wallace was shot and killed in 2020 as her family gathered to celebrate the Fourth of... Read more »

President Biden, say their names.

If you won’t visit the Chicago battle ground, at least acknowledge their deaths. Police work the scene where a 48-year-old man was fatally shot July 5, 2021, inside a home in the 8600 block of South Aberdeen Street. (Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune) As the Chicago Tribune reported: At least 108 people were shot in... Read more »

Biden to visit ice cream shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Won’t stop on Chicago’s South Side where Republicans shot 104 people over the weekend. The lucky Crystal Lake ice cream shop where Biden will stop? No official word from the White House yet about which of about a half-dozen ice cream shops located in and around suburban Crystal Lake he’ll visit. No official word that... Read more »

Dem change of plans: VP Harris departs first, then Biden.

On the way out? The conventional wisdom among us right-wing conspiracy nuts is that President Joe Biden, whose flub-a-dub weaknesses are on full display, would serve a year (if he can make it) and then be removed* so Vice President Kamala Harris can take over. No longer. Biden is starting to look competent compared to... Read more »

Where is Joe Biden's plan to reopen America?

Will he tell us when it’s over, or will he keep America dangling on his string? We know that President Joe Biden is big on having “plans.”  One of his biggest criticisms of former President Donald Trump was that he had “no plan” for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. (Even though not only did Trump have... Read more »

Biden gives Illinois corruption a break

Did he know what he was doing when he dumped U.S. Attorney for northern Illinois  John Lausch? He probably didn’t, as he demonstrated that he’ll do anything that the woke demand and sign just about anything that’s put in front of him. It amounts to a stick in the eye of Chicagoans and Illinoisans who... Read more »

Did President Biden listen to his own advice about "unity?"

It didn’t appear that some of his supporters did. That was a nice inaugural speech that President Joe Biden gave–as in kind, cordial, gentle and okay. Widely acclaimed for having struck “the right note,” Biden deployed every cliche, bromide and platitude to call the country back to his notion of unity. Until he didn’t, when he tossed another... Read more »

Joe Biden. The balls on that guy.

Joe Biden’s misplaced criticism of President Donald Trump’s supposed failure to distribute tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccinations would have been like Republican presidential candidate Thomas E. Dewey criticizing President Franklin Roosevelt because the D-Day landings in 1944 didn’t get American troops into Berlin fast enough. Whatever you think about Trump, the distribution of enough doses of the... Read more »

Thank you, Joe Biden, for the Covid-19 vaccine

While President Donald Trump did nothing to halt the coronavirus pandemic, we are ever so grateful that you, Mr. President-elect stepped up to give us a vaccine to fight Covid-19. In no time at all, you’ve made up for Trump’s dithering response to the highly infectious disease. Mr. President-elect, we know for sure that you’ll... Read more »

Congratulations, Joe Biden

Not the outcome I wanted, but he’ll be president and the legal challenges from the Trump campaign will not succeed (although I support those efforts. More on that later.). The media’s crowning of Biden has brought tears to the eyes of some of his supporters who contemplate that Donald Trump will be out of their lives.... Read more »
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