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What's New York Mayor Bloomberg's millions doing in the election to replace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Buying the election, that’s what. You’d think that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s south suburban and Kankakee district has become a New York City borough from the way that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spreading around campaign contributions there. Reports Huff Post Politics: WASHINGTON — Through his super PAC, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has... Read more »

Sen. Mark Kirk inexcusably silent about South Suburban Airport

For decades, transportation planners, politicians and others have been talking about relieving the jam-packed O’Hare Airport by building a new one in the south suburbs. Under the leadership of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Bensenville, Elk Grove Village and others, a private investor/builder/operator was found to partner with government, to the extent that it would cost... Read more »

Illinois scores big on list of "most corrupt politicians"

Guess which one is NOT on the list? Aren’t we pleased that Illinois was able to place three of its own on Judicial Watch’s list of the 10 most corrupt politicians in Washington. They are…drumroll please,,,President Barack Obama, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sen. Roland Burris.  Some might argue that we are underrepresented and, for... Read more »

News for righties

o Unexpectedly Nancy Pelosi’s House also jettisons ACORN. The Defund ACORN Rep. Jan Schakowsky, representing North Shore limousine liberals, voted to keep sending your tax dollars to ACORN. Who else in Illinois’ congressional delegation did the same? Act, passed on a 345-75 procedural vote as part of an unrelated student loan reform bill. Two Democrats... Read more »

Burris, Jackson among "15 most corrupt"

Update, Wednesday, Sept. 16 (AP) — The House ethics committee said Wednesday it will put off for now an expanded investigation into whether Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. or his representatives tried to buy President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. The story is here: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/news.pl?id=35491&ba=1 Comment: Circle the wagons. Protect your own. ———————————————————————————————- Sen. Roland Burris... Read more »