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Illinois vs. Florida in the COVID derby. And the clear winner is...

If Illinois restaurant owner Jeff Buckler wanted to keep Lil Buford’s Bar & Grill open during the COVIDI-19 pandemic, he would be more than welcome to open it here in Jacksonville, Florida. Instead, Illinois’ strict lockdown dictates demand that he close in-door dining, an option that that would destroy his Champaign County, Illinois restaurant and throw his... Read more »

Hey, Chicagoans, yearning for a bite to eat? Y'all c'mon down to Jacksonville's open eateries

His Honor, the Imperial Illinois Guv, J.B. Pritzker, majordomo to all 12.7 million Illinois serfs within his domain, is shutting down restaurants again. With papal-like authority, Pritzker has ordered  Chicago bars and restaurants in Chicago to halt indoor service and to limit gatherings 25 people effective today. In this, Pritzker is ignoring pleas from the pitiful, whining restaurant owners who are... Read more »

A mother's beautiful, impassioned plea to Pritzker to open Illinois

This is a great open letter to Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker asking, no begging, him to open Illinois–the schools, the restaurants, businesses and more. She writes in “Dear Gov. Pritzker, we are done.” Because of you, more restaurants are closing their doors permanently because they cannot survive another shut down. Because of you more homes... Read more »

Why shouldn't Illinois tax retirement income?

“Leading” senior citizen groups are upset because opponents of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s graduated income tax shakedown are suggesting that it could lead to an Illinois tax on retirement income. Older people will get confused, the groups say. But this is one older person who sees clearly that, indeed, the graduated income tax, while not making... Read more »

America's shutdown still is based on flawed data about Covid-19's lethality

America has been on a virtual martial law shutdown for months now with no end in sight, based on unreliable if not inaccurate data about the lethality of Covid-19. This is a never-ending argument, but the number of people who died from Covid-19 now is as imprecise as it was months ago when this debate... Read more »

Pritzker faces arrest for contempt of court

UPDATES: Illinois Supreme Court disses downstate judge by yanking the case out of his hands. Pritzker no longer has to appear in Clay County Court on Friday Supreme Court moves Bailey suit to Springfield He’s been ordered to appear in court at 1 p.m. (Chicago time) to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of... Read more »

Anarchy clobbers Chicago. Had enough yet?

Had enough yet of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her let-’em-loose corruption of the criminal justice system that has signaled that crime has no consequences? Had enough yet of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans’ complicity in fashionable lunacy that would empty the jails? Had enough yet of the defund-the-police craziness? And of the blindness of left-wing... Read more »

Back by (un)popular demand, the Florida vs. Illinois pandemic score card

This column appeared today in the Chicago Tribune By Dennis Byrne After this headline, “Sorry, Illinois, but Florida is doing this reopening thing right,” appeared above my May 8 chattering in this space, emails began showing up. “Dear Moron,” one opened. Another closed, “here’s hoping that you and your family die.” In between, an assortment... Read more »

IL school board says schools should open this fall; Pritzker says I dunno

You might have missed this: “IL Board Of Ed Recommends Schools Reopen In Fall: Require Masks”. Reported Patch: Illinois State Board of Education officials are recommending schools fully reopen and proceed with in-class instruction in the fall, but said some students and schools may opt for online learning due to specific circumstances. The board met virtually... Read more »

How to accelerate the Illinois exodus

Don’t reopen the schools. Or keep everyone in the dark about whether they will open. Illinois parents and students are still at sea, wondering if their schools will reopen in the fall.  At best, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are vague about when they will. Lightfoot says that Chicago schools won’t reopen until... Read more »
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