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John Kerry's eloquent, yet deceptive defense of Obama's Israeli policy

U.S. Secretary John Kerry today gave an eloquent, yet deceptive defense of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy involving Israeli, including his decision not to use the administration’s veto of a UN Security Council anti-Israel resolution. In his state department speech, Kerry did an admirable job of laying out the pain of both Israelis and Palestinians... Read more »

Marco Rubio itemizes Obama's disrespect of Israel

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Netanyahu's speech sinks Obama's empty rhetoric about Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s speech before a joint session of Congress today sank President Barak Obama’s empty rhetoric about how to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands. Netanyahu torpedoed every one of Obama’s arguments that supposedly support how his “delicate negotiations” will prevent the Iranians from becoming a rogue state violating international agreements by... Read more »

Ron Paul's Armaggedon

Wise words from my nephew, Daniel Vallencourt, about Ron Paul’s disastrous foreign policies. The Case Against Ron Paul What President Paul would do: * Remove all U.S. military presence from around the world * Allow Iran to have nuclear weapons * Cut all assistance to Israel * Repeal the Patriot Act The World After a... Read more »

Israel settlements blocking a two-state solution

New construction in an Israeli settlment Israel’s unconscionable and continuing construction of settlements in the occupied territories is  killing the possibility of a two-state solution, according to this “dovish Israeli expert.” He’s calling efforts to work one out a “waste of time.” Reported Reuters: Meron Benvenisti, a Harvard-educated historian known for his study of Israeli... Read more »