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For John Kerry, billions of $ is "a little bit of money"

Well maybe it is for John “I-married-into-a-ton-of-money” Kerry. But it not for, err, the 99 percent of Americans that liberals like Kerry say they represent. This astonishing observation came during a CNN interview in which Kerry tried to explain away the palette-load ransom of billions that were delivered to the Iranian terrorist leadership as part... Read more »


That was close. President Donald Trump apparently took the advice of his counselors and decided not to retaliate militarily against Iran for its attack on American bases in Iraq. The last time that seconds ticked by as Americans held their breathe like this was during the Cuban Missile Crisis when president John Kennedy threatened to sink... Read more »

So long, Soleimani

If anyone deserved it,  Qasem Soleimani did. Only the ideologically, politically or naively blind would regret the death of this terrorist mastermind. Yet, there’s this mysterious “imminent attack” that he had been planning on Americans that President Trump used to justify the lethal U.S. attack on Soleimani. I’m thinking as far back as the discredited (second) Gulf... Read more »

What's fishy about Iran seizing the U.S. Navy's riverine boats

This is circulating on the Internet. I can’t attest to its authenticity or its accuracy. But as a former Navy officer, this sounds about right, although I don’t know that Iran has faster and better armed boats: A former SEAL Officer’s take on the recent Iran/U.S. Sailors incident: “I hope none of my FB friends... Read more »

UPATE: 12 important, unanswered questions about Iran's hijacking of two U.S. Navy riverine boats in the Persian Gulf

UPDATE: One explanation was that there was a GPS problem that lead to a navigation error that brought the two boats into Iranian waters. I don’t know; that doesn’t sound realistic to me.  As a former U.S. Navy officer, I have to demur from the Obama administration’s self-congratulations for peacefully “resolving” the capture and imprisonment... Read more »

Ron Paul's Armaggedon

Wise words from my nephew, Daniel Vallencourt, about Ron Paul’s disastrous foreign policies. The Case Against Ron Paul What President Paul would do: * Remove all U.S. military presence from around the world * Allow Iran to have nuclear weapons * Cut all assistance to Israel * Repeal the Patriot Act The World After a... Read more »

Was Iraq all for naught? No.

There’s a genre of fiction called alternative or “what if” history. As in, what if Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee defeated the Union at the Battle of Gettysburg? Or, what if Hitler had not been born? Or, what if the United States had not invaded Iraq? That’s a fair question, now that U.S. troops have... Read more »

In Iran, do they burn witches too?

( Getty Images photo by Behrouz Mehri / June 14, 2009 ) Times getting tough for Ahmadinejad? Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery Iranian power struggle between president and supreme leader sees arrests and claims of undue influence of chief of staff No kidding. As the story notes: Close allies of Iran‘s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have been accused... Read more »