Tag: intolerance

One reason that people will vote against Biden

The supercilious, arrogant Biden supporters. This is from a Facebook post by an Illinois public official. I’ll keep his name out of it. Here it is: Now is the most consequential election in Anyone’s (sic) lifetime (sic) we are faced with a choice of a good decent man, Joe Biden  and the worst sewer trash a horror... Read more »

Defending Chicago Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss against the punishing hordes

One theater deploys racism, sexism and ageism to accuse her of racism, sexism, homophobia and more The hard left has launched an intolerant, shut-your-mouth attack on long-time and respected Chicago Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss. Her sin? She stated an obvious truth about violence in Chicago in her June 13  review of “Pass Over” at Steppenwolf Theatre. Never mind that she... Read more »

Liberal, left, gay and lesbian fascism

Maybe all the people who demanded, then got and then applauded the forced resignation of Mozilla Firefox CEO Brendan Eich aren’t old enough to remember Sen. Joe McCarthy, McCarthyism and witch hunts. Or maybe they remember, and they just don’t care about people getting bounced from their careers for what they believe, and say because what... Read more »

LGBT bigotry on parade in Duck Dynasty attack

What a Christmas present the embroilment over Phil Robertson’s observation that homosexuality is a sin has been for the LGBT community. They stuck in their thumb and pulled out a plumb, confirming every stereotype harbored in the New Yorker, MoveOn.Org, Think Progress, and other boutiques of correct thinking. Robertson is the Bible-thumping, caked-in-mud, lower-life form that inhabits... Read more »

A prayer for diversity

Neil Steinberg, a Sun-Times columnist, ponders whether there is a “prayer for diversity.” This enormous bounty — the dream of so many oppressed faiths for centuries — is not good enough for some. Believing their faiths to be drops of Truth from the lips of God, they want — no, they insist — that everybody else practice... Read more »
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