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Northwestern University's 'Innocence Project' railroads an innocent man

At least that’s the conclusion that can be reached after Cook County Presiding Criminal Court Judge Paul Biebel, at the request of State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, ordered Alstory Simon released from prison. It’s a complicated story, but what’s clear is that a huge miscarriage of justice was committed by the Northwestern University’s Innocence Project, journalism... Read more »

Another 'wrongful conviction' case implodes

There have been more than a dozen cases here of someone being convicted and but then a key witnesses against the defendant recanted. What’s going on? Here’s a case study that demonstrates that it might not be as simple as all that. Were the witnesses intimidated and threatened by gang lords to recant their testimony?... Read more »

Did Northwestern University's Innocence Project railroad an innocent man?

Freeing people who have been wrongfully convicted is a great public service, but what happens when a guilty man is set free and an innocent man, in his place, is sentenced to 37 years in prison for the double homicide. Such might be the case  in the exoneration of Anthony Porter and the wrongful conviction... Read more »

Did Northwestern University 'wrongful conviction' center railroad an innocent man?

That’s a question that increasingly deserves more attention in the wake of yet another Chicago Sun-Times story disclosing a memo calling the entire mess the result of politics. That follows a Sun-Times story last week that provides more evidence that an innocent man was sent to prison for a murder that increasingly appears to have... Read more »

Steals deodorant, freed death roll inmate Porter heads back to prison

No kidding. Are we still buying this man’s BS about his innocence? So many questions remain about this case that it’s hard to be convinced that the Northwestern University Innocence Project got it right when they helped spring this guy. CBS2 story about Anthony Porter is here.

No tears for William Heirens, the Chicago serial killer who claimed he was framed

William Heirens recently died in prison after serving a lifetime term for the murder of a little girl, two women and countless burglaries. (For those who don’t remember this famous case, read Norm’s Chicago Then for an excellent account.)For years, “Friends of Bill Heirens” and various innocence project folks tried to get him sprung, claiming that... Read more »
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