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Another gift from your Illinois Democrats

Illinois property taxes are growing 6 times faster than household incomes Ah yes, Democrats (mostly but not exclusively) have given us another reason to get the hell out of Chicago and Illinois. According to the Illinois Policy Institute: Government data show average property taxes paid in Illinois grew more than 6 times faster than household... Read more »

Will the Chicago Teachers Union stop its bitching now?

No it won’t even though as  the Illinois Policy Institute explains: Illinois’ new education funding formula signed into law in August gave the Chicago Public Schools everything it wanted, and more. CPS got to keep its old subsidies, it got the state to pay for its pension costs and it got permission to raise property taxes yet... Read more »

Ah ha! Mike Madigan's budget is $5 billion out of whack

The reporting on the Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s bogus budget passed on Friday by the House doesn’t seem to emphasize what needs to be emphasized: It is $5 billion out of whack. A $5 billion deficit violates the Illinois constitution’s requirement for a balanced budget. It does nothing to get the bond ratings services... Read more »

An Illinois pension primer gets to the heart of the problem

The Better Government Association recently published an apologia for Illinois’ high government worker pensions, diminishing them as a reason for the state’s financial problems. Its “Big pensions just a tiny part of big pension mess” is a disappointing and thin explanation that is based on union-friendly or financed sources, such as Ralph Martire, executive director of the... Read more »

Illinois' government worker retirement debt now a staggering $267,000,000,000.00

That’s $267 billion, or $56,000 for each and every Illinois household, according to the Illinois Policy Institute.  That means if Illinois is going to give all government retirees–state and local–everything to which they are entitled as the state constitution, Democrats and unions demand, every Illinois household will have to cough up an additional $56,000 in taxes. An impossible... Read more »

The hands of an astonishing 7,000 local Illinois governments are in your pocket

Wondering why your property taxes are so high and so impervious to any concept of rational spending? Blame the 7,000 units of local governments in Illinois, far and away the most of any state. Many of those local governments–especially townships and school districts–are duplicative, inefficient and just plain useless. The useful jobs that they do can... Read more »

Nearly half the $13,077 Illinois spends per student goes, not to the students, but to pensions

Illinois public schools are under attack; they don’t get enough money; they don’t get respect. Give them more and more and more money. From statements like those, you’d think that Attila the Hun is riding into Illinois with the sole mission of slashing education funds down to nothing with the intent of making American children the... Read more »

How to balance Illinois' budget without a tax increase

Yes, it can be done, according to the Illinois Policy Institute, a free-market think tank. Some people will dismiss the idea out of hand because it has a conservative viewpoint. But give it a chance by going here.

Mike Madigan's little-known powers as Illinois House Speaker

Is there any other House Speaker in any other state with such dictatorial powers? Read Madigan’s rules: How Illinois gives its House speaker power to manipulate and control the legislative process from the Illinois Policy Institute. Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you.

This oughta be good: Illinois Policy Institute's documentary on House Speaker Mike Madigan

It’s about time that someone did a documentary on Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, the pilot who drove the state of Illinois into a mountain. Now, the Illinois Policy Institute has done it. Check out this trailer: As the Institute notes: Illinois is one of only 14 states without term limits and this documentary highlights... Read more »