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' Women, working mothers, Black workers hit hardest by economic downfall '

‘Illinois’ weak economic foundations and fiscal mismanagement were preexisting conditions that caused it to suffer a deeper COVID-19 downturn. They will also hurt its recovery.’ From the Illinois Policy Institute: As Illinois enters 2021, the state’s economy is smaller, the COVID -19 recovery has stalled and the state’s Office of Management and Budget is projecting a... Read more »

Indiana's building more new homes than Illinois

How can that be. After all, Illinois is bigger than Indiana. The nation’s third (used to be second) largest city is in Illinois. More Fortune 500 companies are in the Chicago area than Illinois. Illinois is the nation’s transportation hub, home to great universities, a couple of national laboratories and two major league teams. Yet... Read more »

Government pensions gobble up money that should go to the developmentally disabled

People with developmental disabilities in Illinois are going without services that make their lives better because there’s not enough money, according to a Chicago Tribune article. “Nearly 20,000 adults with developmental disabilities are waiting for help from the state to live on their own”, describes how the state has failed to meet court-approved targets that... Read more »

Why the Chicago Teachers Union demands are outrageous

You don’t have to do a detailed statistical analysis of the Chicago Teachers Union costly demands are outrageous. But if you want more detailed information, turn to the analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute. Before we begin, the union response will be that the Institute is just a right-wing, anti-tax, anti-union outfit that should stick its... Read more »

Chicago soon could be paying for TWO workforces

While it only has one. How can this be? The Illinois Policy Institute explains that starting in 2021, the city’s contribution to the fire-fighters’ pension fund will equal 79 percent of the actual payroll. In other words, taxpayers would be paying a whole lot for people actually working and almost as much for people not working.... Read more »

In Springfield, the same old crap

Oh, sure. Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his myrmidons promised a new day in Illinois–solutions to all of the states problems, blah and blah–yet when the talk ended and reality set in, the Democrat-controlled state government brought us more of the same old crap. Just for starters: A new, record-breaking $40.27 billion budget that, according to the conservative... Read more »

Illinois Gov. Pritzker's tax increase will only lead to yet another one

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s skeletal plan for a tax increase is so flawed that it will induce demands for even more higher taxes, according to an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute. The problem is Pritzker’s budget is based overly optimistic and unreasonable projections for the state’s growth. The analysis discovers: When employing one of the... Read more »

Oh sure, Pritzker, Madigan and Democrats will fix Illinois

Monday’s inauguration of J. B. Pritzker as Illinois’ governor is, according to his Democrats, a refreshing spring shower that will extinguish the state’s raging fiscal inferno. So pardon me for pointing out that the blaze is so out of control that it will take more than the new Democratic supermajority in the Legislature, a Democratic governor... Read more »

Why Illinois is better off bankrupt

That’s the view of the fiscally conservative Illinois Policy Institute. After itemizing the long list financial problems of the woe-be-gotten, “failed state”  of Illinois, the Institute concludes: It has taken Illinois’ state and local governments half a century to accumulate unsustainable levels of debt and unfunded liabilities. Today, it is virtually inconceivable the elected officials... Read more »

Rauner's lipstick on a pig state-of-the-state address

If Gov. Bruce Rauner thought he could paper over Illinois’ many ills in order to attract Amazon to the Prairie State, then he must think that the company’s decision-makers are fools. In his state-of-the-state address he must have thought that because Twinkies were spawned here the company that’s using state-of-the-art digitals to zoom to the dominate... Read more »
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