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Illinois' retired public employees won't pay that new state income tax, even if their pensions exceed $250,000

A big selling point for Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s graduated income tax is how it will land only on rich people–those making more than$250,000 annually. Then why won’t Illinois’ retired government employees whose pensions exceed $250,000 pay any state tax? Because pensions are not taxed in Illinois, even those pensions that pay well over $250,000 annually. It... Read more »

J.B. Pritzker' deadly dose for Illinois' economy

Not just what the doctor ordered to fix Illinois economy, stem the fight of residents and businesses out of state, and solve the systemic  problems with the state’s spending. If anything it will make it all worse, terribly so. Democrat gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker has cowardly, insultingly and dangerously refused to say exactly how much higher... Read more »

$1 out of $3 Illinois income tax dollars is paid out to retired educators

Hard to believe, but that’s what Adam Andrzejewski, disclosed in Forbes magazine. We thank the teachers for their service and wish them a long, healthy and wealthy retirement. But something has to be done to save the state of Illinois. Wrote Andrzejewski: llinois teachers are starting their three-month summer break. But when it comes to teacher salaries,... Read more »

The next big Illinois tax increase is waiting in the wings

After the big Illinois income tax increase engineered by House Speaker Mike Madigan, the question that immediately follows is: When will they be back for another tax increase? Because everyone, I mean everyone except the most partisan among us, knows that the 32 percent tax increase won’t be anywhere near enough to solve Illinois budget crisis. The... Read more »

Gov. Pat Quinn unsheathes liberal guilt extortion

Don Proft said it so well about Gov. Pat Quinn’s attempt to use liberal extortion to build support among the faithful to back his income tax increase: Quinn: Make the Tax Increase Permanent or the Disabled and the Dying Get It… Writing about Quinn’s proposal to make his promised “temporary” Illinois tax increase permanent, Proft... Read more »

Illinois should tax retirement income

Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner created headlines on Friday when he said in a debate that he wouldn’t rule out taxing retirement income as part of an overhaul of Illinois’ tax system. He said he doesn’t have a position on that right now, but he should. And that position–as with all other candidates–is that all... Read more »