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Covid-19 deaths yesterday: Illinois, 23; Wisconsin, 0

That can’t be right. The experts, Democratic politicians, liberal commentators and the political left warned that Wisconsin would become the ultimate example of how to spread the deadly COVID-19 plague. It would be so because Wisconsin is completely open, without the coronavirus lockdowns, school and restaurant closings, mask wearing and social distancing requirements the experts insisted... Read more »

Nevada's the first state with a woman-majority Legislature

Rockin’. Reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal: The Clark County Commission on Tuesday appointed two women to fill vacant seats in the state Assembly, making Nevada the first state in the country with a majority-female Legislature. Attorney Rochelle Thuy Nguyen and Beatrice Angela Duran, a Culinary Local 226 grievance specialist, both backed by the Assembly’s Democratic... Read more »

Kendall County, one of the few places in America, where black household income exceeds white's

In Kendall County,  a Chicago suburb, black households made $96,146 compared to the $89,236 of whites. It’s an anomaly, nationally and in Cook County where the $34,935 black median household income was less than half that of whites. This finding is described in the publication Stateline. The few places where black income equalled or exceeded white often... Read more »

100 highest paying jobs in Illinois

See where do you rank on the list. Or if you’re even on the list. (I’m not, in case you’re wondering.) Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you. Want to be notified by email when I post? Type your email address... Read more »

How a U.S. Supreme Court decision could affect Illinois teachers

The Supreme Court case was filed by a California teacher who is challenging her union’s demand that she pay dues that go to support political speech and positions that she disagrees with. A bunch of states already allow her to opt out of the payments, but not Illinois and California. Read more about the case... Read more »

Schaumburg's Office Depot refuses to print religious flyer

Schaumburg’s Office Depot refusal to print a religious flyer is a clear violation of the U.S. and Illinois constitutions as well as Illinois and Cook County public accommodations laws. The only reason that Office Depot would refuse Maria Goldstein’s request to print a religious flyer is that it didn’t like the content, which was a prayer... Read more »

Ban public employe strikes in Illinois

If we really want to help solve Illinois’ tottering financial condition, we should ban public employe strikes in Illinois. Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner doesn’t go far enough when he starts talking about turning Illinois into a “right-to-work” state. That’s a great idea as far as it goes. As a former union official myself, I agree... Read more »

Why must Ebola 'protocols' be the same everywhere?

I don’t get it; the calls to “standardize” the procedures for stop the spread of Ebola are heating up. But why? Political opportunism, I suspect, on the part of some. The confusing policies of the Obama administration (yes, they are confusing) present his critics another reason to excoriate President Barack Obama for his lack of... Read more »

Illinois using its state plane to fly in birds

As Illinois sinks further into catastrophic debt and contemplates making the last “temporary” income tax increase permanent. there’s a report that the state is using its own airplane to fly prairie chickens to Downstate counties. As often as 14 times. At a cost of nearly half a million dollars. Is there no end to it?... Read more »

Toss your cigaret butt on the ground; get your butt hauled off to the slammer

Astonishing new law in Illinois could actually get you sent to prison for throwing your cigaret butt on the ground. This amazing news is brought to us by the Illinois Policy Institute. On Jan. 1, an update to Illinois’ Litter Control Act will subject anyone who tosses a cigarette on the ground to increased penalties... Read more »
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