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Worried about E. coli on your shopping cart? Then bring your own #%!^& sanitizing wipes to the store

Sigh. The latest research shows that “70 percent of shopping carts in Chicago have traces of E. coli, but not all stores offer sanitizing wipes,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Alarmed by this news, the newspaper tracked down grocery and drug stores to find out if they are “doing something” In this case, providing sanitized wipes... Read more »

The coming doctor shortage

Everything you want to know about the coming doctor shortage–what is causing it, how to address it and whether there even is one–can be found here. Something else to worry about.

What about Illinois' abortion clinics? Are they safe?

The shocking “complete regulatory collapse” that allowed Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell to literally get away with murder raises a critical question: Are there any Dr. Gosnells in Illinois.  According to a grand jury indictment as described by Medscape Today, Gosnell illegally aborted third-trimester fetuses, severed the spinal cords of babies aborted alive with scissors, and... Read more »

Think that Obamacare will make things cheaper and more available?

Then think again. Below is a letter that a patient received from a his cardiologist outlinging the upcoming change First thing you notice is that you’ll be paying for everything, including phone calls and emails. If that doesn’t suit you, you can buy a plan that will give you greater access, for a bunch of... Read more »

Living with tinnitus; will the ringing ever stop?

I’m revisiting a subject I wrote about on May 17, 2004 in the Chicago Tribune because the Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article on tinnitus–the irrepressible noise that bedevils some 50 million Americans–driving some of them nuts. This is my own story about tinnitus, which I’m posting because the otherwise fine Journal article mentions... Read more »

ObamaCare must and can be repealed

Can ObamaCare, the most complex, far-reaching and epically destructive legislation enacted in living memory be repealed? The thought is at once alluring or repulsive, reasonable or batty, depending on your politics. My politics say repeal is necessary and possible. At first blush, it would seem impossible. Powerful interests are aligned on both sides and, presumably,... Read more »

Judge to blame for people going blind

A federal judge’s ruling this week blocking the federal government from funding embryonic stem cell research has ignited the usual flames of outrage among the political and scientific left. “Criminal,” said Robert Lanza chief scientific officer of Advanced Cell Technology, which has a financial stake in continued funding. “We are talking about people going blind,... Read more »

Bad habits can age you by 12 years

They can kill you too. As if we didn’t already know. But here come a study concluding that when you combine four bad habits–smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet — they can age you by 12 years. Reported the Associated Press in a dispatch from Chicago: The risky behaviors were: smoking tobacco; downing... Read more »

Quinn: "Liquidate" tobacco settlement fund

Remember the “tobacco settlement,” in which the cigaret companies agreed to pay billions and billions of dollars to the states in order to wage campaigns against smoking?  Illinois apparently has a pile of money left from that settlement sitting around, waiting to be spent on that campaign.  Now, Illinois Statehouse News reports that Gov. Pat... Read more »

Are the Dems really that clueless about health care?

WASHINGTON– The last time I heard Newt Gingrich predict that Republicanswould take over Congress was 16 years ago when he was pushing his “Contract with America.” I said he was crazy then, but he turned out to be right. Now, he’s predicting that Republicans this year will take over Congress again–the House and the Senate — and not... Read more »