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The only issues in Illinois that matter

  Forget about gun control, energy, abortion, public safety and all the other issues that are cluttering up the Illinois gubernatorial race. The only things that matter in the race between Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Sen. Bill Brady are how to dig the state out of the biggest financial hole it has... Read more »

New Law Allows Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates To Hand Pick Running Mates

Tribune photo by Antonio Perez / May 3, 2010 Scott Lee Cohen, forced off the ballot as Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor announces his independent candidacy for governor, trying to leaping back into the political fray. Under a new law, Quinn could have picked his own running mate. Thank the Lord. I can’t figure out... Read more »

Gov. Pat Quinn turns out to be just another jerk politician

As a young reporter and a liberal years ago, and as Pat Quinn was just getting started, I believed that Illinois’ now-governor was something of an opportunist who camouflaged his ambitions under a cloak of populist do-gooderism. He was one of those guys who was always informing the media about all the swelll things that... Read more »

Hello, Bill Brady, where's your campaign? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: TV ads beginning in Chicago area. At this rate, you’re not even an afterthought.But be of There is a Bill Brady.This is him. good cheer. Here’s a terrific analysis of what Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady needs to do to beat incumbent Pat Quinn. So far, it looks like Brady doesn’t exist, as if... Read more »

Bill Brady's tax sin

(This post contains a correction.) Uh, oh. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady reluctantly released his income tax returns and we now we know: He didn’t pay federal income tax in 2008 and 2009! Nor did he pay state income tax in 2008! Bill Brady: Tax hypocrite? This, we’re instructed, is bad news for Brady and... Read more »

Scott Lee Cohen planning run for governor

He’s back. And why not? Considering the folks Illinois voters elect year after year, why not Scott Lee Cohen. What’s interesting is that Cohen reached the decision to get into the governor’s race after sampling public opinion: Just weeks later, rumors began to circulate that Cohen was conducting polling to determine what voters thought of... Read more »

Why is Brady beating Quinn?

Rich Miller in this Chicago Sun-Times column has an interesting take on why Republican Sen. Bill Brady is beating Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn in the Illinois gubernatorial race. Quinn is an odd guy who is screwing things up.  That could be true. But underlying his argument is the premise that Brady couldn’t actually be winning... Read more »

UPDATE: Poll(s): Brady leads Quinn

UPDATE: The results of Public Policy Polling polling (in which Brady leads Quinn 43 percent to 33 percent in the Illinois gubernatorial race) is confirmed by a new Rasmussen poll. In it, Rasmussen has Brady leading Quinn, 45 percent to 38 percent.  (Original post): A new survey by Public Policy Polling shows that Republican challenger Bill Brady leads... Read more »

Tax exemption for Planned Parenthood?

The usual collection of anti-life* organizations didn’t take long to bare their fangs at state Sen. William Brady after he was confirmed as the Republican nominee for Illinois governor. In particularly harsh words for activists who pride themselves on their compassion, Illinois Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Chicago-NOW, Personal PAC and Citizen Action Illinois labeled Brady... Read more »

Racists oppose Turner for lt. gov.

Sen. Art Turner At least that’s how I look at it.  The Democratic State Central Committee is considering who should replace the drop-out candidate selected by the voters in the primary. Logic says it should be whoever ran second–Chicago Democratic state Sen. Art Turner. But some Democratic leaders want to nominate, for the sake of... Read more »
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