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Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president

At least that’s what this Washington Post article by Chris Cillizza (predicts?) (foretells?) (warns):  And, the delegate math is close to conclusive: Donald Trump will be extremely close to the 1,237 delegates he needs to formally claim the party’s nomination by the end of the primary process. That might be good or bad news, depending on your viewpoint.... Read more »

Those stupid, greedy presidential debates

Tonight is another circus–the Republican presidential debate–that has become a commercialized, goofy showcase for that most goofy of candidates, Donald Trump. For a intelligent analysis of what’s wrong with networks making big money off the debates, I recommend Jim Warren’s insightful “America’s weird way of picking a leader.” on Poynter’s Morning Media Wire. Disclosure: Jim... Read more »

Why the GOP suspended presidential debates on NBC

Here’s the complete explanation from  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus for why the GOP suspended presidential debates on NBC. Sounds to me that he has good reasons after the unprofessional and daffy questions that the CNBC panel put to the Republican presidential candidates during this week’s debate. For example: CNBC billed the debate as one... Read more »

Donald Trump and Ben Carson shaft GOP debate viewers

Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s successful demand that CNBC’s Oct. 28 Republican primary debate be limited to two hours shafts viewers who want to hear more because they haven’t made up their minds. Or anyone else who wants to watch. The two frontrunners in the pre-convention polls asserted that they were doing  viewers a favor... Read more »

'I get along with everyone'--Donald Trump

Donald Trump says his strength is found in the assertions that ‘I get along with everyone.’ Seriously? This was his ironic and dumbfounding answer to a question in the  “debate” between Republican presidential candidates. The question was: What would you do right now about Russian and Vladimir Putin’s move into Syria? Can you name anyone... Read more »

GOP debate winner:Carly Fiorina. Losers: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama

Carly Fiorina came away as the winner of the GOP debates–a surprise to everyone except those who know her and have heard her speak. She was assigned to the JV squad (the early, non-prime-time debate between the seven candidates who didn’t make the first team cut) because only about 40 percent of Republicans know who... Read more »

New Hampshire voters can do us a favor...

by keeping Jon Huntsman in the Republican presidential race. It’s his turn to bubble to the top, like other GOP candidates have, and perhaps this time he will be recognized as a legitimate alternative to all the other candidates, including Mitt Romney. My own feeling is that the voters don’t know enough about him, due... Read more »

The irony in Gov. Christie's decision not to run for president

The irony is that his decision to remain governor to fix New Jersey’s problems makes him even more attractive as president. The very fact that he sticks to his convictions sets him head and shoulders above the current crop of politicians who would do anything to move up the food chain. Strengthen of character;  ability... Read more »

Will Illinois GOP scuttle school voucher bill?

Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / April 21, 2010 Lorynda Taylor, a science teacher from South Holland District 205, and other protesters march around the State Capitol last month in Springfield, Ill. The protesters, bused down by labor unions and social service advocates, are rallying in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the... Read more »

An alternative to Schakowsky

Getting tired of the ultra-liberal Rep. Jan Schakowsky? The north suburban/North Side Democrat actually has some competition, but it might be hard to find out much about him because he’s not given much of a chance against the aging congresswoman.  If you want to find out more about her opponent, Joel Pollak, the Milwaukee Examiner... Read more »