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Unsettled global warming "science."

A flip-flop predicts worse or weaker monsoons. Monsoon clouds forming in Pradesh in central India. (Rajarshi MITRA ) Pick one: Climate change will worsen Indian monsoons, setting the stage for dangerous rains. Climate change will weaken monsoons and reduce monsoon rainfall. These are contradictory conclusions of two “expert” studies about the impact of global warming. You can... Read more »

We're doomed! The end is near!

“51% of young voters believe life on Earth will end in the next 10-15 years: Poll” That’s the headline in the Washington Times, reporting on a Scott Rasmussen/HarrisX national survey. According to the survey: Half (51%) of voters under 35 believe it is at least somewhat likely humanity will be wiped out in the next decade... Read more »

Media blow another climate change story

Something important was missing from the reporting on a recent study concluding that climate change threatens the Great Lakes with more flooding, heat waves and drought. The study, “The Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes, also warns that the Great Lakes region is warming faster than the rest of America. Release of the... Read more »

Hundreds of studies challenge scientific "consensus" on climate change

Someone checked out 400 scientific papers (really?) and concluded that challenge the scientific “consensus” that climate change (no longer called global warming) is fueled my manmade CO2 emissions. If you can plow through all this science, please let me know. I admit that 400 papers  is a lot more than I can handle. I make... Read more »

Wait, global warming isn't killing the polar bears?

For all the sirens going off about how global warming (sorry, climate change) is threatening polar bears, it seems they have been thriving. So much so that they no longer are a ubiquitous symbol for atmospheric warming. Read about it in Fat polar bears [and lots of them] drive public confidence in future of the species in Polar Bear... Read more »

Oops, Europe's CO2 emissions increase

For all the lecturing that the Europeans do about America’s “failed” leadership in the fight against human-caused global warming, it should be noted that while America has been decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide it has released into the atmosphere, Europe’s contribution has risen. Whatever you think of President Donald Trump’s removing the United States from the... Read more »

The 'March for Science' subverts real science

How can anyone so passionately support science yet be so ignorant about science? Certainly many of those who participated the in March for Science and its sisters, the People’s Climate March and today’s May Day March, were scientists or those who understand science. But for so many others it was a political event, amounting to no more than a cheeky attempt... Read more »

The anti-science hype about the 2016 being the "hottest year"

Former Obama administration official decries the “politicalization” of science Despite the headlines about the Earth “sizzling” in the hottest year in 2016, this useful investigation points out that the increase… detected by NOAA was 0.01 degrees Celsius. In other words, one-hundredth of a degree – a figure well within the scientific method’s margin of error... Read more »

Climate change mutes fall colors

At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Says Gothomist (“Go See Some Gorgeous Fall Leaves In A City Park (While You Can)!” Our schizophrenic autumn (thanks, climate change!) is here, and the window to do some leaf peeping will be “brief.” The thinking goes that global warming has caused a drought in the northeast, which has stressed out... Read more »

Clinton and Gore's unscientific assertion that climate change worsened Hurricane Matthew

They’re at it again. After scientists have repeatedly warned that one event does not prove or disprove a hypothesis, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore asserted in a campaign appearance that Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. This constant politicization of science has become so absurd... Read more »