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Did you hear? Obama and Eric Holder condemn Illinois gerrymandering.

Don’t laugh. This is a map (left) proposed by Democrats that compares with the current map (left) which is no bargain either. Well, not quite. They’re condemning the gerrymandering of congressional and state districts only in states run by Republicans. As for the unabashed gerrymandering that Illinois Democrats have used to run the state for... Read more »

Democrats hotly oppose gerrymandering...except in Illinois

Three cheers for the Democrats who are fighting mad about how some states have gerrymandered their legislative districts. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is making a big stink about  gerrymandering, the undemocratic and unfair practice of drawing legislative district lines to gain a nearly insurmountable advantage over opposition candidates “The political system is broken. The fight to fix it is... Read more »

Obama and Eric Holder decry Illinois gerrymandering

That’s right President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder have decried the gerrymandering of legislative districts in Illinois, a process entirely controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan and his fellow Democrats. But why should Obama and Holder, partisan Democrats, be condemning the action of the Democratic leadership in Illinois? The reason is Democrats are intensely... Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court's possible challenge to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Illinoisans should pay attention to how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a case challenging how Wisconsin Republicans gerrymandered legislative districts in their favor. While it would be a setback for Wisconsin Republicans it could also be a setback for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democrats who have benefited from his gerrymandering of... Read more »

Illinois Fair Map is in Peril

Yeah, right; this is a MEGO (My eyes glaze over). But all of you people out there who bitch about rotten Illinois government, but only read about the best pick-up lines, have to pay attention, or just shut up. One of the reasons that Illinois government sucks is the way that the districts from which... Read more »