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I'm back

I’ve been mostly absent from these pages for a month or so because I had a tight deadline for ghostwriting two books and other freelance work. Now I’ve got time again to post on ChicagoNow, hoping to return a conservative viewpoint to the liberal/left/far left tilt of these pages. Not that a conservative viewpoint is needed.... Read more »

Who's to blame for Charlottesville?

Vice News Tonight on HBO well documented the hatred that incited the violence between the neoNazis and antiNazis in Charlottesville. It’s worth watching–if you can stand some of the shocking and scary things said by one of the neoNazi leaders. I want to be careful here, because I can’t read what’s in the hearts and minds... Read more »

Chicago police to be schooled in free speech rights

A federal judge has approved a legal settlement that requires Chicago police be trained to respect the free speech rights of protestors who said that they were unfairly singled out by police in violation of a Chicago ordinance. With Chicago and other police departments being deluged with criticism, you might think that this action will be hailed... Read more »

Criminalizing opposition to abortion

More efforts from the fascist left to shut down opponents of abortion and free speech. Reports Denise Burke in National Review: Abortion advocates around the world and particularly in the United States are increasingly abandoning their professed political and moral adherence to “choice,” and instead adopting an agenda of coercion. Nowhere is this dangerous and calculated... Read more »

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mike Royko would loathe progressives' assault on free speech

Progressives disingenuously now deploy a “safety” argument to excuse their assault on free speech. A Sacramento Bee editorial, for example, says that “no one has told Ann Coulter to shut up.” The issue, the editorial says is “the escalating violence these past few months [and] how to make sure no one gets hurt or killed in the... Read more »

Eisenhower H.S. in Blue Island to let student sit during Pledge of Allegiance

Sitting during a patriotic event has become a turn-on for the self-righteous. I don’t know if NFL San Fransisco 49ers quarterback  49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started it when he refused to stand during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem. Then Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane joined in, saying he will continue to sit during the Anthem in support of Kaepernick. Then Seahawks players... Read more »

The nitwits who cheered Trump's cancelled Chicago speech only helped his cause

The nitwits who were overjoyed because they kept Donald Trump from speaking at a University of Illinois Chicago rally only helped his cause by propping up his assertion that the authoritarian left and its political correctness are threatening cherished American values such as freedom of speech. Sure, plenty of the people who showed up to... Read more »

Obama: Mind if I play through?

Give it a rest, Fox News

Even for a regular watcher like me, Fox News is becoming tedious. I tuned in this morning and they were harping, as before and before that, about President Barack Obama not showing up in Paris to march with the dozens of other world leaders in support of free speech. I’m just as bothered by Obama’s... Read more »

More left wing fascism

Brandeis University has disinvited  Somalia-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary doctorate and speak at the university’s commencement exercises. None of her great achievements, in her fight for human rights, women’s rights and free speech, counted in her favor because she had expressed an opinion that some people found “offensive.” Her offense was going... Read more »
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