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Florida's schools are better too.

Number 3 in the nation in K-12 student achievement. How Florida did it: Florida is overcoming ‘systemic privilege’ by putting students before the ‘system’

I told ya. Florida is better

This is about New York City, but the same lunacy infected Chicago: Our 4-month pandemic move to Florida from New York showed us a better way

Will Biden fence off Florida?

Rumor has it from some friends up north that President Joe Biden is planning to forbid airlines from servicing Florida. Florida would be targeted because it is “such a mess.” The worst. Gov. Ron DeSantis has turned Florida into a pandemic hot spot. The numbers prove that Florida’s infection rate and death rate prove that... Read more »

Washington Examiner: "The Future is Florida."

Friday night we went to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to experience Beethoven’s magnificent Third Symphony (Eroica). Saturday night we dined out in a beachfront restaurant. Tonight we’re going to my brother- and sister-in-law’s to watch the Super Bowl with relatives. Our nieces and nephews are attending school in the classroom. They and their teachers are not being overwhelmed... Read more »

"With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season"

Here’s another look at non-lockdown Florida. Where the hell’s the death-rattle that’s supposed kill the state? From Daniel Horowithz on the Blaze: We are being told that our liberties must be suspended in order to keep hospitals from reaching apocalyptic levels. But what if those levels are just above normal and not anywhere near apocalyptic levels? And... Read more »

Brace yourself for thousands of children with Covid-19 to flood hospital ICUs

Hundreds of kids will die because they were forced to attend school. Well, not exactly. But that’s what we supposed to believe. The reality is that thousands upon thousands of school remain closed this fall, denying children their basic right to a quality education based on the unscientific fear that they’d be on death marches... Read more »

Back by (un)popular demand, the Florida vs. Illinois pandemic score card

This column appeared today in the Chicago Tribune By Dennis Byrne After this headline, “Sorry, Illinois, but Florida is doing this reopening thing right,” appeared above my May 8 chattering in this space, emails began showing up. “Dear Moron,” one opened. Another closed, “here’s hoping that you and your family die.” In between, an assortment... Read more »

'In Florida, Homeowners Come for the Weather and Stay for the Tax Relief'

Come on down! From the Wall Street Journal: There’s a way for rich homeowners to potentially shave tens of thousands of dollars from their tax bills. They can get that same savings the next year and the following years as well. They can cut their taxes even further after they die. What’s the secret? Moving... Read more »

Mitt Romney shows some balls, finally

Now for the Gingrich character issue GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney goes directly after his main opponent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with some passion and well-directed barbs, at last. As the Chicago Tribune reported: “At the end of four years as speaker of the House, it was proven that he... Read more »

Nullification Now an Issue with Obamacare

At least 13 states are filing lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the federal heath care act, but not Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  “We are not commencing litigation to challenge federal health care reform,” Madigan’s office responded to my e-mail query. No surprise there. If Madigan joined the others, it would be the first blue... Read more »
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