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Hey, Dad. Scram. You're not needed here

So say today’s cultural norms. Kids growing up without a father present just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the father’s not around in the home. It especially doesn’t matter if the father and mother aren’t married. So, on this Father’s Day, it is again necessary to review the science about the importance of fatherhood. as more  than one... Read more »

My Dad's closet

Soon after my Dad died more than 30 years ago, we went to clean out his closet and what I discovered was a father’s love for his son. Among his personal items, he had clipped and saved seemingly everything I ever wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily News. Boxes of it. I was blown over. And touched... Read more »

The cheapening of fathers, men and boys

Here’s a great Father’s Day thought: Men and boys need help. They’ve become more self-destructive, more apathetic about success and more violent. Fewer are moving on to higher education, and boys and men alike are being outperformed in school by girls and women. On this day, Fathers Day, the culture continues to redefine masculinity, but... Read more »

Poll: 71 percent say fatherhood still the most important man's job

If only most men would act like it is the most important thing that they do. Too many men are dodging their responsibilities after having fathered a child, disappearing from their son’s or daughter’s life. Maybe on day it’ll happen, but I’m not sure I’ll be around long enough to. The Father’s Day poll is... Read more »

Chicago one of nation's top 10 Father's Day deals

An item from the Nice-To-Know Department: Chicago was ranked ninth, ahead of New York City. Said BestTravelDeals.net: Enjoy all the things Dad loves–baseball, deep-dish pizza and shopping for Mom on the Magnificent Mile. Hotels start at $64 a night, add flights to your package starting at $483.