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Here's another big, fat told-ya-so for the lousy, stinking O'Hare Airport expansion

In a long-needed assessment of how the expansion of O’Hare International Airport is working out (“Five ways to improve O’Hare”), Chicago Tribune reporters Jon Hilkevitch and  Gregory Karp found that the multi-billion-dollar project has fallen short of its over-hyped expectations. Again. Which allows me to issue, on behalf of its long-silenced opponents this hearty blast:... Read more »

Chicago and Rosemarie Andolino to O'Hare Airport noise complainers: Nuts to you

So, okay, suffering voters in communities hit hard by increased noise at O’Hare International Airport sent a loud message to Chicago and Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie Andolino. But will Chicago and Andolino hear it? Will they do anything? Do they care? No, no and no. As the Chicago Tribune’s transportation writer Jon Hilkevitch reported: Chicago and suburban... Read more »

The predicted unraveling of the expansion of O'Hare International Airport

The northwest suburbs that sold out to Chicago in exchange for the support of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s ill-conceived expansion of O’Hare International Airport are now paying the price on two fronts: A $3.4 billion new tollway (Elgin-O’Hare expressway) that was supposed to lead a new O’Hare western terminal and spur massive economic development in... Read more »

Why O'Hare is America's most dangerous airport--and why it will get worse

And Midway is Number 12 A new study based on Federal Aviation Administration statistics shows that O’Hare International Airport is the nation’s most dangerous airport. The study is based on the number and potential severity near-collision between airplanes incidents at the airports.  (See the full methodology.) Travel and Leisure Magazine, which conducted the study, cited a... Read more »

Yes, charge for carry-on bags

Does she really think that she can get this into an overhead bin? Five major airlines have chickened out and decided not to charge for carryon bags, as a small Florida air carrier, Spirit Airlines, will begin doing.  Spirit’s decision to charge passengers $45 for each bag they try to cram into the overhead compartment... Read more »

Elgin-O'Hare Expressway ain't goin' nowhere

The expressway to Nowhere. State Transportation and Toll Road officials are discussing how to finish building the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway to Nowhere so that it connects with the airport and nearby toll roads, according to the Daily Herald. This I gotta see. Where to put the confounded highway and how to pay for it have held... Read more »

FAA zaps soundproofing for O'Hare area high school

Here’s one more reason that everyone should just be thrilled–thrilled, thrilled, I say–by Mayor Richard Daley’s O’Hare Airport Expansion. The Federal Aviation Administration now says that it would not provide soundproofing money for the Elk Grove Village High School. According to the Daily Herald: Township High School District 214 officials say they will appeal a... Read more »

New runway or fewer flights cut O'Hare delays?

The new tower that Chicago had to build at O’Hare Airport because controllers couldn’t see enough of the new northern runway from the old tower. The Federal Aviation Administration says flight delays at O’Hare Airport have declinedsince the new northern runway was built. Count on Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration to crow about how this... Read more »

Update: O'Hare's dangerous safety lapses

Updated story:(today’s laugh)Mayor Richard M. Daley says safety problems are no big deal. Reported the Sun-Times: “We have a very safe airport,” he said. “Anything is a violation. We take anything seriously. … But it has not jeopardized the safety of any travelers. … It’s not dealing with the safety of people landing and taking... Read more »