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O'Hare Airport: Increasingly unsafe?

O’Hare expansion. Notice the increased number of runway and taxiway intersections One of the warnings issued by opponents of O’Hare Expansion was that building new runways, terminals and other facilities at the 1950s-sized airport would be difficult, if not unsafe, while the airport tries to continue operating at full capacity. That warning came to mind... Read more »

Is Chicago giving up on O'Hare Airport's promised western terminal?

A graphic of O’Hare’s promised western terminal. Going, going, gone? Could be; the hints are flying. When Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley dropped his cockamamie idea to build an airport in Lake Calumet and came up with an even goofier idea to expand O’Hare Airport, he made a lot of promises, many of which have... Read more »

NOW they want a privately operated airport

A couple of top Chicago business and labor leaders recently argued that it’s time to re-energize an earlier-failed attempt to privatize Midway airport. To support their argument, they pointed to Mayor Daley’s deal privatizing the city’s parking meter revenues; a good deal for the public they say.  (The two, Jerry Roper, head of  the Chicagoland Chamber... Read more »

Chicago to O'Hare airlines: Screw you (updated)

O’Hare Airport. Lot’s of room for expansion, right? UPDATE: Read the Daley administration’s lame excuses for shoving it to the airlines after they thought they had been making progress. One item that the city reneged on was the controversial western terminals, which United and American don’t want. Daley first said okay, then demanded suddenly that... Read more »

FAA zaps soundproofing for O'Hare area high school

Here’s one more reason that everyone should just be thrilled–thrilled, thrilled, I say–by Mayor Richard Daley’s O’Hare Airport Expansion. The Federal Aviation Administration now says that it would not provide soundproofing money for the Elk Grove Village High School. According to the Daily Herald: Township High School District 214 officials say they will appeal a... Read more »

Anti-O'Hare uprising in Park Ridge?

When government does something that lowers your property values, can you seek compensation? O’Hare’s new northern runway (top) sends air traffic directly east, over parts on Park Ridge. That’s an interesting question being raised in Park Ridge, Ill. by residents who have seen their home values fall because of the city’s decision to cave in... Read more »

Tour the town Daley destroyed

The east side of Bensenville is everything that people say a suburb should be: affordable housing, accessible jobs, diverse neighborhood, close to transportation. But it had to go to make way for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s O’Hare Airport expansion–a project that is underfunded, poorly designed and dangerous. Let’s look in and see what he’s... Read more »

A new hidden Tax for O'Hare Airport travelers

Desperate for new money for the O’Hare Airport expansion boondoggle, the Daley administration is placing its hopes on a 63 percent increase on a tax imposed on airline passengers. Under legislation already passed by the House, airport operators, such as Chicago, would be authorized to increase the airline passenger facility charge (PFC) by $2.50, to... Read more »

Update: O'Hare's dangerous safety lapses

Updated story:(today’s laugh)Mayor Richard M. Daley says safety problems are no big deal. Reported the Sun-Times: “We have a very safe airport,” he said. “Anything is a violation. We take anything seriously. … But it has not jeopardized the safety of any travelers. … It’s not dealing with the safety of people landing and taking... Read more »
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