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Democrats hotly oppose gerrymandering...except in Illinois

Three cheers for the Democrats who are fighting mad about how some states have gerrymandered their legislative districts. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is making a big stink about  gerrymandering, the undemocratic and unfair practice of drawing legislative district lines to gain a nearly insurmountable advantage over opposition candidates “The political system is broken. The fight to fix it is... Read more »

Obama and Eric Holder decry Illinois gerrymandering

That’s right President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder have decried the gerrymandering of legislative districts in Illinois, a process entirely controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan and his fellow Democrats. But why should Obama and Holder, partisan Democrats, be condemning the action of the Democratic leadership in Illinois? The reason is Democrats are intensely... Read more »

UPDATE: Obama's Eric Holder sues to uphold racial profiling in schools

UPATE: The usually liberal Washington Post agrees with me. Can this be the end of time? This is bizarre: President Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s Justice Department is suing Louisiana to force some kids to stay in their failing public schools. More specifically, the department wants to stop the state from issuing vouchers to parents... Read more »

Examiner.com: Obama's Justice Dept. helped organize Trayvon Martin protests against George Zimmerman

Reports Examiner.com As the defense in the trial of George Zimmerman rested on Wednesday, a public-interest group acquired government documents that revealed the Department of Justice’s complicity in turning the shooting and killing of a young man into a racial incident that warranted protests and demonstrations by the nation’s African Americans, according to a statement released on Wednesday and... Read more »

Eric Holder says he has great respect for journalists. Ha, ha, ha, ha...

From Newsmax: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told NBC News on Wednesday that he has no plans to resign for the time being and insisted that he has “great respect” for the news media despite signing off on requests by his Justice Department to examine the phone and email records of journalists. Really? Can you... Read more »

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to resign?

It’s been speculated before, but perhaps with President Barack Obama entering his second term, the reports might carry a little more weight. It wouldn’t be a loss.

Racial profiling not at the heart of the Arizona immigration case before the Supreme Court

Methinks that the federal challenge to the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law, heard last week by the U.S. Supreme Court, is terribly misunderstood. For many folks, the state law — which helps enforce federal immigration laws already on the books — is about racial profiling. They argue that cops, for whatever reason, will target people who... Read more »

Arizona, illegal immigration, and a dolt--Eric Holder

Holder. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has admitted to Congress that he has not read Arizona’s controversial anti-illegal immigration law. Reported the Washington Times: Mr. Holder acknowledged to the [congressional] panel he hadn’t read the law he was criticizing, and he gave conflicting accounts on whether he had talked... Read more »

NeoCon news and opinions

Because folks defined me a neoconservative before I knew what it was, I might as well make the most of it. Here’s today’s NeoCon News and Opinion briefing:  See if you can find the name of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in this story. Didn’t think so. The Senate “jobs” bill is much worse, costing $150... Read more »

Derrion Albert's Preventable Death

In a demonstration of how the perfect often is the enemy of the good enough, Education Sec. Arne Duncan (foreground), Atty. Gen. Eric Holder (at the podium) and Mayor Richard M. Daley promise to get to the “root” cause of Derrion Albert’s violent death, instead of doing what could immediately solve the problem. Sometimes the... Read more »
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