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Is a "little ice age" in our future?

Environmental alarmists insist that changes in solar activity has little or nothing to do with climate change, that the current global warming is mainly the result of man-made activity. But simple common sense informs us that activity on the face of the sun–the furnace that ultimately gives Earth all of its energy–has much to do... Read more »

The media's fracking gas problem

Two months ago I wrote about the promise of natural gas made possible by a method of freeing from shale deposits deep under the surface. It’s called fracking and you would have thought from some of the reaction that I had used the other F-word. Here’s what I wrote in a Tribune op-ed and posted... Read more »

And now, a word from global warming fanatics

Wow, all I did was ask a question in a column, and you’d think that I had soiled the rug. The question, as put on the Tribune’s Facebook page was: “Dennis Byrne argues there is still room for doubt when it comes to climate change science. What do you think?” Back came the usual thoughtful... Read more »

The real science bashers are found in the Church of Global Warming

Today I am writing about religion. Specifically, about those who worship in the Church of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. More specifically, about those who, as a matter of faith, believe that the science of climate change is settled. These believers preach that mankind is steering the planet onto an irreversible and cataclysmic course unless... Read more »

The war on coal-fired power plants

If you automatically assume that coal-fired power plants are everywhere and always bad, you might want to read this editorial from the Wall Street Journal. It laments the costly and over-reaching changes that the Obama administration is about to impose on electric utilities.  This move is to limit mercury emissions, even though it hardly is cost-effective.... Read more »

Speaking of wind farms

The nation’s first off-shore wind farm has received federal approval and construction could begin this fall, reports the Boston Globe. The wind farm will be built off cap cod, where it has been opposed for ruining the sight of the otherwise stalwart greens who live there. Guess not even the ghost of Teddy Kennedy could... Read more »

Piping Plover drops a load on wind farms

A $499 million, 150-megawatt Merricourt Wind Project is supposed to be built this year in southeast North Dakota appears stymied because it jeopardizes the endangered whooping crane and the threatened piping plover. It’s one of several expected standoffs between wind farm zealots and environmental fanatics. Priceless. Piping Plover Minnesota Public Radio reported how the controversy has caused... Read more »

What to do with spent nuclear fuel?

Anyone care for a swim? A pool at the closed nuclear plant in Zion where spent nuclear fuel is being stored. (Chicago Tribune file photo / May 29, 1998) So, what are we supposed to do with spent nuclear power fuel? Rocket it into outer space? Thanks to Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Democratic PresidentsBill Clinton and Barack Obama and... Read more »

Conservatives are baby-killers, don't ya know.

“123 US LAWMAKERS SUPPORT POLLUTERS OVER HEALTH OF CHILDREN” That’s the propaganda issuing forth from the National Resources Defense Council in response to bills introduced in Congress to overturn entirely or in party the decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to declare carbon dioxide a public health threat. You know how they are, those... Read more »

Congressional showdown looms on corpulent ethanol subsidies

December brings the biggest showdown with Illinois’ and possibly the nation’s most gluttonous corporate freeloader: the corn ethanol industry. Symbolically, the upcoming battle of budget hawks against ethanol’s special pleaders is as significant as the fight over continuing the Bush tax cuts. At issue is whether Congress will allow corpulent ethanol subsidies and a tariff... Read more »