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The rebirth of democracy!

Dire warnings about its death rejected by American voters. For much too long, the radical left has declared that failing to adopt their utopian agenda–whole and complete–constituted the “death of democracy.”(Here, here, here, here and here for example.) They warned that conservatives, Republicans, moderate Democrats and even parents would bring self-government crashing to its knees,... Read more »

But Hillary Clinton IS polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious

Hillary Clinton’s “Super Volunteers” have issued warnings to journalists not to use certain words when writing about her.  Among them are: Polarizing Calculating Disingenuous Insincere Ambitious Inevitable Entitled Over confident Secretive Will do anything to win Represents the past Out of touch “You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting... Read more »

Why are senior Democrats trying to out Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr?

With Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. suffering from a reported “mood” disorder, the folks demanding full disclosure are not mainly Republicans, but Democrats such as Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) Come out, come out, wherever you are and explain yourself. Or at least have the Jackson family explain where you are and why... Read more »

Requiring a voter ID is just common sense.

Voting, some say, is the most precious right of a citizen in a democracy, one that deserves the utmost protections. Yet the American Civil Liberties Union and others are assailing as as “voter suppression.” In other words,  it sounds like a conspiracy to suppress the votes of the poor, minorities and others that rich, white... Read more »

The irony in Gov. Christie's decision not to run for president

The irony is that his decision to remain governor to fix New Jersey’s problems makes him even more attractive as president. The very fact that he sticks to his convictions sets him head and shoulders above the current crop of politicians who would do anything to move up the food chain. Strengthen of character;  ability... Read more »

Want to vote? Get out your photo ID

One more state–Kansas–decides that you need photo identification to vote.  No one should have to wonder why you only need your signature to vote in Illinois. There was a big debate in Kansas over whether the state had enough vote fraud to need such a requirement. But no such questions need by raised in Chicago... Read more »

Emanuel's election ushers in a new kind of "them versus us" in Chicago

( Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / February 22, 2011 ) Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel acknowledges the crowd during his victory rally at a Near West Side plumbers union hall Tuesday. Following Rahm Emanuel’s election as Chicago mayor, the city has found a new definition of “them versus us.” Used to be that “them” and “us”... Read more »

Rahm's Plan: Tax Cut or 'Largest' Hike in History?

FactCheck.org gets to the bottom of the dueling commercials between Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico about taxes in the Chicago mayor’s race. Says the non-partisan organization: Rahm Emanuel and his leading opponent are airing less-than-truthful TV ads about taxes in the closing days of Chicago’s Feb. 22 mayoral election.

Chicago Tribune endorses Emanuel for mayor

Cites his toughness and willingness to realistically take on the city’s challenges. Read it here. 

Gery Chico pushing a car out of snow

Got to hand it to him, for being the first to get out a video of him pushing a car out of the snow. Of course, he’s not the first to do it. Newark Mayor Cory Booker did the same thing about a month ago. Political stunts? I suppose so, but kudos for getting out... Read more »