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We don't have enough inflation. Let's pump more trillions into the economy to make sure we do.

Biden and his administration are blind to the facts in front of their eyes–as usual. If you were born after the 1980s, you don’t have first-hand knowledge of the kind of devastation that rampaging inflation can cause. Trust me; it was brutal. Our mortgage interest was 14 percent. People on fixed incomes saw their buying... Read more »

Join me tonight on CNBC's Kudlow Report

I’ll be a guest on CNBC’s Kudlow Report tonight (Tuesday) to discuss today’s column in the Chicago Tribune and on ChicagoNow, “On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, celebrate John F. Kennedy’s neoconservatism.” The show’s well-known host, Larry Kudlow, has been hammering President Barack Obama for ignoring the economic lessons taught by his Democratic predecessor, JFK.... Read more »

The Chicago Godfather of the Tea Party explains the facts of life to CNBC dolts

CNBC/CME Group floor reporter Rick Santelli is credited with igniting the Tea Party movement a few years back when during a report on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade he ripped the bailouts. He was reprimanded for expressing his opinion (“he’s only a reporter”) while the wiseguys back on the anchor desk were... Read more »

Good news: Existing home sales rise.

The National Association of Realtors reports that existing home sales nationally rose in March, compared with February. That includes the Chicago area, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Conservatives are baby-killers, don't ya know.

“123 US LAWMAKERS SUPPORT POLLUTERS OVER HEALTH OF CHILDREN” That’s the propaganda issuing forth from the National Resources Defense Council in response to bills introduced in Congress to overturn entirely or in party the decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to declare carbon dioxide a public health threat. You know how they are, those... Read more »

Can Democrats reform New York, Illinois and California?

The Wall Street Journal doesn’t hold out much hope for Illinois. In an editorial called “The Blue Men Group,” it said: What are the prospects for genuine reform? They are probably the worst in Illinois, where Mr. Quinn and the Springfield Democrats were returned to power despite the national GOP wave and are intent on... Read more »

Real estate forecast for 2011

Better days are ahead. At least according to this observer. We’ll return to the days when buying a home was considered to less of an investment, but more a matter of securing a place where we can enjoy the richness of life. We’ll never return to the glory days of the pre-2006 housing bubble, but... Read more »

It's not a sin to leave your children a pile of money

Occasionally, Americans need to be reminded that making lots of money is not immoral. Nor is it immoral to pass it down upon your death to your children. That time has come again, as the nasty fight debate over the Obama-tax compromise revealed. Sure, arguing about the economic and fiscal consequences of the package is... Read more »

Consumer spending growing at "torrid" rate.

And guess what? The growth is coming from the high-income people who won’t be gouged by those tax increases that Democrats wanted to impose.  Here is an explanation: Inflation-adjusted growth of 2.4 percent in consumer spending during the summer quarter — the highest annualized rate since before the recession in 2006. And so far in... Read more »

Illinois public pension fund crisis worsens

Before you vote on Tuesday, you should read this to get a better understanding of one of the biggest problems facing Illinois. Illinois’ unfunded pension liability, already the worst in the nation, is expected to spiral to even higher levels because the financially desperate funds are revising their investment goals downward. The funds are desperate... Read more »