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Special Memorial Day thanks to military draftees killed in action

On this Memorial Day, here is a special recognition of men who were conscripted into the military and who were killed in action. Volunteering for hazardous military duty and paying for it with your life deserves the highest praise. But what about those men who were drafted, who had no choice and who were killed?... Read more »

Women in combat--take the polls

The Obama administration will open up combat assignments for women in the military. What does that mean? Take the poll. Should women be allowed to serve in combat? No Don’t know Yes Created on Jan 23, 2013 View Results poll by twiigs.com For women in the military, should they be required to serve in combat?... Read more »

Chicago's ignored military landmark

For uncounted thousands of Chicago-area men, last week’s announcement that Sara Lee Corp. was moving from Downers Grove to a West Loop office building meant something other than a story about Mayor Rahm Emanuel poaching suburban businesses. For them, the ugly building at 400 S. Jefferson St. that the company will occupy is a significant... Read more »