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Not Parody: CTU's Karen Lewis blames everyone except herself and Madigan

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis blamed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Chicago Public School district leadership for Chicago and the state’s school funding mess. That’s rich. Can you think of anyone who is more responsible for Chicago and some state public schools tripping over  the brink of financial collapse than Lewis, the... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union greed maims Illinois

When the Chicago Teachers Union blitzed Springfield on Wednesday to intimidate lawmakers into collapsing before the teachers’ outrageous demands for more, more and more, they unfurled a sign hanging from the gallery proclaiming, “Rauner’s Greed Hurts Illinois.” They got that wrong. It’s the Chicago Teachers Union greed that is maiming Illinois, sending it into hospice... Read more »

The real reason for the Chicago Teachers Union strike against the students

At first, the Chicago Teachers Union said that the one-day walkout on Friday, April 1, was because its members were getting shafted by the Chicago Public School system. Shafted, as in being asked to shoulder some of the efforts to keep CPS’ from falling into bankruptcy. Then, gee, someone must have realized that depriving students... Read more »

"Serious offer" to Chicago Teachers Union is a lousy deal (Updated)

…for everyone else in Illinois. It’s a sweet deal for the union, exceedingly sweet. UPDATE: CTU REJECTS GENEROUS OFFER (See my commentary on this greedy action.) According to unnamed sources cited by the Chicago Tribune, the tentative four-year pact offered by the Chicago School System to the Chicago Teachers Union would include pay increase and... Read more »

How about a 30-percent pay CUT for Chicago teachers?

Even for an opening demand/request/offer in labor negotiations, the 30-percent wage increase sought by the Chicago Teachers Union is a stunner. Undoubtedly, the union argues that the huge hike is needed to compensate for the longer school day imposed on them by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Illinois Legislature. Nonetheless, when you combine the other... Read more »