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CNN and other jerks irresponsibility twist Sen. Johnson's mouthwash coronavirus statement.

Sen. Ron Johnson (C-Span) The death of journalism, again. How many times can journalism die? Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was recorded recommending steps everyone should take to stay healthy during the pandemic, including using mouthwash that can kill the coronavirus. CNN and other anti-journalists jumped all over him, accusing him of claiming, if not by... Read more »

America's brutal introduction to unsettled science.

Is science certain that Earth is doomed? Climate change is “settled science,” but Covid vaccination science isn’t? Oh, so now we’re being instructed that the safety of the Covid vaccine is not “settled science.” Experts now are explaining that the all those recommendations and mandates about how to stop the pandemic are changing because the... Read more »

My article in The Federalist

Judge Stops Illinois Governor From Extending State Lockdown The judge’s temporary restraining order sets the stage in Illinois and perhaps nationally for a legal battle over public health experts’ far-reaching demands for public confinement. By Dennis Byrne In one of the nation’s first successful legal challenges to mandatory quarantine directives, an Illinois state judge has... Read more »

'The Faucian Bargain'

‘The Faucian Bargain” is a worthy read in the Bulwark about how Anthony Fauci has been able to check President Donald Trump’s worst inclinations about the coronavirus pandemic. I’m for opening up the economy as soon as possible, but as I’ve tried to say, not before we know the nation is safe. That, however, could come... Read more »

Additional good advice on COVID19 from a coronavirus expert

James A. Robb is an American pathologist and molecular virologist who has extensively studied coronavirus. This is his recent take on avoiding the disease, with some interesting recommendations thrown in. Among them is the recommendation to take zinc. The advice has gone, as it were, viral. Snopes fact-checked it. The letter: Dear Colleagues, as some of you may recall, when... Read more »
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