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My article in The Federalist

Judge Stops Illinois Governor From Extending State Lockdown The judge’s temporary restraining order sets the stage in Illinois and perhaps nationally for a legal battle over public health experts’ far-reaching demands for public confinement. By Dennis Byrne In one of the nation’s first successful legal challenges to mandatory quarantine directives, an Illinois state judge has... Read more »

No, Gov. Pritzker. This is about a citizen exercising his right to challenge your shutdown policy

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker regards a court challenge against his stay-home order as a cheap political stunt. No, Guv, it’s the exercise of a legitimate constitutional right by a citizen to free himself, and by extension the rest of us, from your controversial public policy to confine Illinoisans in their homes until the end of next month. You are... Read more »

Pritzker broke the law, but no big deal, right?

Gov. J. B. Pritzker has been sued for illegally ordering Illinoisans to cower at home. As I reported Wednesday, “Illinois Gov. Pritzker had no legal authority to lockdown businesses beyond April 9,” citing research by Northbrook attorney Michael Ciesla.  The illegal action prompted GOP Illinois Sen. Darren Bailey of downstate Xenia to file a lawsuit,... Read more »

Scientific study: Empirical evidence fails to show that coronavirus lockdowns are as effective as advertised

Do the controversial lockdowns, the preferred strategy to fight the coronavirus pandemic, actually work? This is a critical question, because virtually the entire American population has been sent into hiding at a mega-trillion cost to the economy, based on the scientific (we are told) evidence that it is the best and, perhaps, the only way... Read more »

Some liberals chuck their values by turning on pandemic protesters

Once–a half century and more ago–liberals adopted public protests as a favorite tool to achieve social change. Martin Luther King deployed tens of thousands of protesters to put the bite on Jim Crow. Jesse Jackson parlayed just the threat of protests to spur equal employment opportunity. John Kerry fought in and then against the Vietnam War,... Read more »

Balanced and commonsensical commentary on coronavirus and reopening the country

No, not me. By Steven Pearlstein, a Washington Post business and economics columnist. In “The right way to reopen the economy, “Pearlstein makes a balanced and reasonable argument for going back to work. Recommended reading.

Lightfoot, stay out of Florida's coronavirus business

And here I thought that moving to Florida would distance me from the usual Chicago and Illinois nuttiness. Instead, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot reached across the 863 miles that separates us to inform me that damnation awaits those of us in Jacksonville for walking on a beach. So damning was her denunciation that she even invoked... Read more »

The unseen plague created by coronavirus isolation

Epidemiologists have a slew of tools to judge the damage that the coronavirus and the disease it causes–COVID-19–does to public health. But other significant consequences must be included to describe the total damage the pandemic  is causing–factors beyond the number of deaths, ICU admissions and such. Among them is the damage caused by the gloom that mandated... Read more »

China's totalitarian socialism is superior to democracy in the pandemic fight

At least that’s what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi believes. He wants the world to buy the fiction that the communist regime is the perfect answer to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.  He said, “China’s signature strength, efficiency and speed in this fight has been widely acclaimed. And the institutional advantage of China’s governance is for all to see.” [Emphasis added.] ... Read more »

16 million Americans lose their jobs. But no one working for Chicago will

In one Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s  most staggering promises, she has ruled out layoffs in city government because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Sun-Times reported: “We are not expecting to do any layoffs,” the mayor told a news conference hours before Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order was extended for another month. “Our economy in this region is... Read more »