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Americans, be not afraid

Please, Americans, be not afraid. Don’t lose faith; don’t descend into the darkness of depression and hopelessness because of Covid-19. Listen: No, President Donald Trump is no paragon of virtue, but he’s right when he encourages Americans to not let the coronavirus pandemic take over their lives. The Lord is with you. We are with you,... Read more »

Had enough yet of the public health and epidemiologist tyrannts?

Fellow Americans, throw off our chains. Never in my 78 years did I think I’d see laws that would imprison Americans in their homes. Never, not even under the tyrannical British monarch, King George III, were Americans told that they could not leave their homes. Not in the popular dystopian novels, from 1984 to The Handmaid’s Tale,  was a nation’s entire... Read more »

Back by (un)popular demand, the Florida vs. Illinois pandemic score card

This column appeared today in the Chicago Tribune By Dennis Byrne After this headline, “Sorry, Illinois, but Florida is doing this reopening thing right,” appeared above my May 8 chattering in this space, emails began showing up. “Dear Moron,” one opened. Another closed, “here’s hoping that you and your family die.” In between, an assortment... Read more »

Finally, the huge crowds will tell us just how deadly COVID-19 really is

  The black lives matter protests in which caution and social distancing were thrown to the winds. The Trump rally in Tulsa inside a convention hall. And the three-day Republican convention in Jacksonville at which Trump will give his acceptance speech. The people in attendance might not consider themselves to be part of the largest, most... Read more »

Blindly following "the science" into ruin

Aren’t you sick of politicians calling down “science” on the heads of anyone who disagrees with their politicalization of the coronavirus pandemic to justify their poisonous economic lockdowns. It brings to mind a similar scenario: In the 1970s, Chicago began installing high-pressure sodium streetlights that “science” told us would be disastrous. A campaign was launched to halt the... Read more »

How to accelerate the Illinois exodus

Don’t reopen the schools. Or keep everyone in the dark about whether they will open. Illinois parents and students are still at sea, wondering if their schools will reopen in the fall.  At best, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are vague about when they will. Lightfoot says that Chicago schools won’t reopen until... Read more »

Advice to journalists about how to cover the coronavirus pandemic

This is from Journalist’s Resource, a tip sheet on how to cover the news. Its “Epidemiological models: 10 things journalists covering coronavirus research should know” advises ten things that journalists should tell their readers when trying to explain how those models and scientific studies work. For those who wonder about the legitimacy of the studies and... Read more »

Your papers, please

The longer the coronavirus pandemic continues, the more serious becomes the discussion about creating “immunity passports”. Here, here, here and here It would be something like a license or certificate proving that you have an immunity to COVID-19, giving you special privileges that others don’t have. The others being those who haven’t been exposed, those who have been but tests don’t show an existence of... Read more »

Illinois will not survive this, Gov. Pritzker

Just how long do you think that Illinois can survive the vice grip that you and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with which you are crushing the economy with? I’ve moved from Illinois, so I guess I shouldn’t care anymore, but it’s still my hometown, and you squeezing the crap out of it with your insanity. The Illinois Policy... Read more »

Forcing our $22 trillion economy into an induced coma; what could possibly go wrong with that, eh?

What could go wrong? More than 30 million Americans fired in just a few weeks, about 18 percent of the American workforce. That’s never happened before so quickly Such a thing was never even imagined. With trillions of dollars being borrowed in a figurative blink of an eye, the national debt reached at least $24,011,523,316,653, (updated)  $24,921,325,976,814 larger than... Read more »