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Why I'm not cancelling my Chicago Tribune subscription

At least not yet The massive exodus of talent from the Chicago Tribune is, according to former editor Ann Marie Lipinski, indeed “staggering.” An estimated 40 journalists are taking the buyouts being offered by the paper’s new owners, the Alden Global Capital hedge fund. The slaughter has generated an impressive number of readers who, in... Read more »

In defense of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass

Someone named John Greenfield wrote an opinion piece in the Chicago Reader calling on the Chicago Tribune to fire columnist John Kass. Greenfield accuses Kass of dodging his own responsibility for inciting the crowd that stormed the Capitol. Apparently Kass’ blaming Trump wasn’t enough because Original Sin turns out to be more than eating a... Read more »

Time to cancel the Chicago Tribune Guild's executive board?

That’s the board of the union representing Chicago Tribune workers that gave a whole new meaning to “solidarity.” Turning from the traditional role of rattling management’s cage, the Chicago Tribune Guild’s leadership turned on a fellow employee, the Tribune’s lead columnist John Kass. In a widely circulated letter, the executive board accused Kass of writing a column... Read more »

Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko

My initial post defending John Kass against the Chicago Tribune Guild’s bush league attack on him is here. After being attacked by the left-wing, cancel cops on the staff of the Chicago Tribune, columnist John Kass didn’t fold. He didn’t go along–like so many Republican politicians–and suck it up, afraid to hand out a well-deserved... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Guild's attack on co-worker John Kass is bush league

Update: Bravo, John Kass. You stand with Mike Royko. Unprofessional, amateurish, unfair and utter bullshit. I would add. Media columnist Robert Feder explained the attack in, “Tribune colleagues blast John Kass column as ‘antithetical to our values’.”  Kass’ sin apparently was writing about how billionaire George Soros funds liberal causes and big-city candidates like Cook... Read more »

AP's vacuous coverage of the Trump defense team in Senate trial

I didn’t take notes of what the Trump defense team said in the Senate impeachment trial on Saturday because I thought I could pick it up in the next day’s coverage. So, this morning I turned to nearly the same Associated Press story, bylined Eric Tucker, Lisa Mascaro and Zeke Miller, in the Chicago Tribune and... Read more »

Tribune readers respond to my fleeing Illinois column

Malarky. Sophistry. Delusive. Whining. Three letters to the editor take me to task for explaining why I have left Illinois. Letters: Kiss-off to Chicago skews the facts Dennis Byrne’s recent commentary (“He saw the genesis of the Exodus,” Oct. 20) is, at best, superlative malarkey, and, at worst, pure sophistry. By his telling, Chicago is... Read more »

Farewell, Lois Wille

Thank you, Lois, for your guidance, inspiration and your friendship. Lois Wille, one of the greatest journalists to have graced the pages of three Chicago newspapers, died Tuesday. To confirm her extraordinary talent, professionalism, integrity and caring, I urge my readers, please, read the fine obituary written by Rick Kogan in the Chicago Tribune and Maureen... Read more »

Response to “Out with the old (politicians), in with the young.”

It had to be parody, I thought when I read, “Out with the old (politicians), in with the young” a Chicago Tribune op-ed written by Amber Petrovich, described as a “Los Angeles writer,” and, I suppose, a “young.” She wants to “impose term and age limits on our elected officials and political nominees — and... Read more »

Dahleen Glanton's racist Tribune column about the Obama Center

“Racism” is a word that’s too often tossed around these days, used primarily as a cudgel against anyone who doesn’t bow in subservience to far left dictates. Lord knows, it’s been applied to me often enough. So it was with some thought before I applied the label to a column by Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton,... Read more »
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