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Where have all the progressives gone, long time passing?

They used to lead the fight to protect Chicago’s precious lakefront from invasions, like the Obama Center. Jackson Park (The Cultural Landscape Foundation) No more. Today’s Chicago progressives, a.k.a. lakefront or limousine liberals, once were the first line of defense against any degradation of the city’s lakefront. The idea that the lakefront is sacred and... Read more »

Will Barack Obama pull the plug on the Obama Presidential Center?

The [Obama Foundation] may only be willing to fight for this for so long. Then we’re back to where we were–begging businesses to come to our community” –Paraisia Winston, a South Side resident expressing fears that legal challenges will make Obama build his center elsewhere, as reported in the Chicago Tribune. As the challenges to the Obama... Read more »

Obama library site still a disappointment

Some of Chicago’s lakefront and park activists seem to have lost their voice when it comes to plunking the Barack Obama presidential library into a lakefront park. Friends of the Parks, which fought bravely and successfully against that Lucas Museum monstrosity on the lakefront farther north, has diplomatically said further study is needed before commenting on... Read more »

George Lucas, you self-important twit

George Lucas thinks he can jet into Chicago, claim a precious parcel of lakefront land as his own and steamroll a citizen’s group that has the law on its side. Good riddance to you, George Lucas, and take your ugly museum with you, you self-important twit. From the start, your arrogance and ignorance went hand... Read more »

Chicago lakefront joggers, bikers too busy to notice dead man hanging from a tree

You can hardy blame lakefront joggers and bikers for not noticing a dead man hanging from a tree near Foster Ave. Pausing  might screw up their Fitbit stats. But Linda Ewen did notice and called police. “”I wasn’t focused on the road. I was looking at the lake. I saw what looked like a big man... Read more »

Lake Forest Shows Chicago How to Generate Beach Revenue

By tradition and case law, Chicago’s lakefront is supposed to be free, and I find no legal citations that say parking meters are allowed. Yet, the Chicago Park District intends to install 4,000 parking meters, charging $1 an hour, in its lakefront parks, doing away with the longstanding tradition of free parking. Even though I... Read more »
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